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4th of July Beach Getaway

6 Last-Minute 4th of July Beach Getaway Destinations

Hot off the press from a sandy beach: your last-minute guide to a luxury 4th of July beach getaway
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Independence Day is just around the corner, so leave the backyard barbecues at home this year. Go ahead and book a 4th of July beach getaway in one of these gorgeous coastal cities. I find last minute luxury plans to be some of the most exciting! Let’s explore the best beachy spots to celebrate America’s independence and watch dazzling displays of fireworks.

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I absolutely love the Florida Keys. It is one destination where you can get the feeling of the tropics without ever leaving the continental United States! Put this fisherman’s paradise on your radar for your 4th of July beach getaway this year. You’ll have access to endless beach related activities including fishing, parasailing, sea kayaking and more.

Leading up to the Independence day festivities, Key West hosts the annual Key Lime Festival. Coined America’s favorite citrus festival, these festivities revolve around culinary creations and key lime inspired cocktails. A four day event culminates with an astounding display of popping fireworks over White Street Pier. Like most 4th of July destinations, there will be a crowd, so plan to arrive early for the 9:00 PM show.

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Coined America’s favorite citrus festival, the festivities revolve around culinary creations and key lime inspired cocktails

A short walk from Duval Street, is a striking hotel perfect for a 4th of July beach getaway. The H20 Suites offer excellent amenities and a relaxing modern ambiance. If you want maximum privacy, book a suite with a private plunge pool! Need to make this holiday a working vacation? No worries! Luxuriously designed suites are made to feel like your own personal residence. They are even equipped with work spaces, perfect for sending out last minutes emails.

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For my East Coast city dwellers, partake in the annual 4th of July festivities in The Hamptons! Escape the hustle of NYC and relax on the summer sands of Long Island’s best known region. 

For an exclusive stay, try The East Hampton Art House Bed and Breakfast. Just a stone’s throw from Clearwater Beach and Marina, the B&B provides an ultimate luxury experience for its patrons. It is secluded from the bustling summer activity therefore offering its guests a private and relaxing retreat. The villa only houses four state rooms, all with perfect views of the pool. Full-service concierge is available, and will assist with all reservations for the duration of your stay.  

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You’ll find the best fireworks display at Umbrella Beach as the Stars Over Montauk celebration illuminates the night sky. Fourth of July weekend can be crowded in the Hamptons. Make sure to arrive early. Claim a nice spot on the sandy beach for the best views of those colorful explosions.

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Florida’s Atlantic coast boasts numerous scenic beaches. These crisp Atlantic waters meet beautiful white sands in West Palm Beach. It is a great destination for your last minute 4th of July beach getaway. A number of luxury hotels dot the coastline, such as the iconic Breakers or the modern Four Seasons Palm Beach. At this destination, I would highly recommend renting a luxury motor yacht for the day! You can spend the afternoon floating along the summer breezes. Catch a late lunch at one of the oceanfront restaurants. Finally, end the day anchored near the Intercoastal. Each year a tantalizing firework display will light up the sky over the Intercoastal Waterway.

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Why not infuse your 4th of July beach getaway with a bit of romance? Carmel-by-the-Sea conjures the best of soft, romantic feelings. Not to mention, it is perfectly complimented with summer fireworks. Set upon the rocky California coastline, you’ll find incredible views as you cruise offshore. Pack a picnic and spend an afternoon snacking as you overlook the sea! My husband and I found the best little spot just outside Carmel. Sometimes the most incredible discoveries are found when you wander off course. 

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If you are looking for a great place to find elegant shops and art galleries, Ocean Avenue is the spot. You can start your morning at a quaint bakery. Indulge in a croissant and coffee before the 4th of July festivities commence at Devendorf Park. Monterey County hosts several fireworks displays, so you will have plenty of options. Choose from delightful pops of color in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey or Pacific Grove. If you plan to watch fireworks while staying in Ocean Avenue, you won’t have any issues finding a great place to watch the skyline light up. However, if you are not within walking distance, give yourself ample time to find parking.

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Many don’t think of the Virgin Islands as a last-minute 4th of July beach getaway. However, did you know that the USVI is a hotspot for summer celebrations? St. Thomas is an easy flight from Miami and does not require a passport. This island city hosts a sparkling fireworks exhibition over Cruz Bay Harbor. Consider yourself warned – it will be hot! However, you can cool down with an icy cocktail and laze in a beachside hammock. I’ve had the pleasuring of exploring the Virgin Islands, and assure you the landscape will not disappoint!


The aquamarine hue of the water reflects against the powerful rays of the Caribbean sun.

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If you have a few days to admire the natural beauty, indulge in a private helicopter tour. I spent an afternoon swooping through the tropical skies. It was dazzling to watch the aquamarine hue of the water reflecting against the powerful rays of the Caribbean sun. 

If heights are not your forte, you’ll love seeing St. Thomas and the surrounding islands from the deck of a luxury yacht.  My family and I spent seven glorious days basking in the balmy tropical air as we were chartered from one outstanding beach to the next. This unique experience of yacht life is unparalleled. It may be the best way to enjoy a 4th of July beach getaway.

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An up and coming travel hotspot, Seattle is the perfect place to plan your last-minute 4th of July beach getaway. July is a beautiful time of year to visit the Emerald City. Known for it’s New Year celebrations is the iconic Seattle Space Needle. Yet, Lake Union houses all the action for the 4th of July holiday weekend. Smack dab in center of the city is this freshwater lake. Many claim that Lake Union’s Gas Work Park has the country’s best fireworks display. For promising viewing conditions, reserve seats for the 10:20 PM show.

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Seattle is not always thought of as a beachy destination. However, rest assured, you’ll have ample opportunity to don your new swimsuit and catch some sun. Alki Beach Park comes alive in the summer time as Seattleites trade in their rain coats for swim trunks. Here, Puget Sound presents a beautiful backdrop for your holiday. These chilly waters are dotted with lazy sail boats, while enthusiastic athletes compete in friendly volleyball matches.  

My top pick for accommodations remains the Four Seasons. Its downtown, waterfront location makes it a perfect spot to access all the 4th of July festivities. Overlooking the Sound, is a pool terrace. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a light summer beverage.

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Don’t delay your a last-minute luxury vacation any longer! You only have a few weeks left to choose a destination for your 4th of July beach getaway!  I’d love to know where you decide to spend the Independence Day holiday watching the colors light up the skyline! 

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