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A Review of Flying First Class on Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

*This post is about the Emirates Boeing 777-300 aircraft. If you are looking for my latest review of the Emirates A380 first class experience with the spa showers, see my post and video here.

Flying Emirates First Class is a destination in and of itself. No need to get where you are going quickly on this flight. It is so luxurious that one might actually prefer their in-flight experience to last longer so that they are able to savor this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


 My Review

Yesterday I flew from JFK to Milan on Emirates Airlines and the experience lived right up to its ultra-lux reputation. Starting with the swanky airport lounge, which I became quite familiar with on my seven hour layover, everything was done to perfection. Massive spreads of cheese, hummus, dips, crudités, and more were set throughout the lounge. A large dinner buffet, which smelled divine and quickly lured me in, had me helping myself to an overflowing plate full of goodness in almost no time.



The lounge also features a top shelf self-service bar with almost any kind of beverage you can imagine.



Drumroll please…The best thing about the lounge was that it had large, clean, private shower rooms. After traveling for 10 hours and still 14 hours to go, I decided to take full advantage and have a relaxing warm rinse. The room was complete with fresh linens, toiletries and even a towel warmer.



Upon entering the first class cabin of the aircraft I was quite impressed. The first thing I noticed were fresh roses everywhere. The walls were a two-toned pearly white and the windows and TV’s were encased by beautiful wood accents. Each seat, or rather, “suite” was complete with its own personal beverage bar, a work desk, vanity area and lighted make up mirror.




After being seated I was greeted with my choice of champagne, juice, or water, and then was handed a hot towel for my face and hands.  I ordered a gourmet dinner off of their yummy looking menu and it did not disappoint.  When I discovered that the seat I was sitting in was also a massage chair I was quite delighted. But wait…It gets better! I was given a Bulgari handbag filled with Bulgari toiletries, and when it was time to sleep, the lights turned down revealing a ceiling full of twinkling stars. Why can’t every airline pay attention to detail like this? I should also mention that my flight attendant, who was absolutely beautiful, was the kindest and most attentive stewardess I’ve had in a while.

 I’m taking baby steps towards my bucketlist dream of flying first class on the Emirates A380 which features an in-flight spa and a first class lounge inside of the aircraft, complete with sofas and a full bar.



  • I am solo jealous! I can not wait to fly First Class on Emirates! One question, how does it compare to the cost of first class tickets on other airlines? Is it way more expensive because of all the amazing amenities?!

    July 15, 2014
  • So lucky !!!! This first class si so amazing ! It was for you a real pleasure to flight like this ! Thanks for the review !

    January 7, 2016
  • I have just returned from London Heathrow to Melbourne on Emirates First Class Suite. Exceptional, faultless. I had a shower at 41000 ft approximately one hour before landing – quite an experience.

    To begin with you are escorted and shown to your seat !

    The cuisine and service is such that it could be a 3 star Michelin Restaurant, except that you eat the dish that you want when you want – literally you can design your own 5-10 course degustation menu AND choose from an exceptional wine list. You kick off with a glass of Dom Perignon 2006

    Your bed is made at your request, generally when you go to what feels like your own en-suite to change into your complimentary in-flight pyjamas. Bed is your flat seat, sheet, doona and fluffy pillow.

    Staff wise, I swear they just appeared as if from nowhere at just the right time. I felt like the most important person on the flight not to mention my seat was 1A.

    TV screen is as big as I remember our home TV being as a child in the early 70’s. Entertainment is vast over 1000 movie/tv selections in a variety of languages and music and games.

    I couldn’t have asked for more – well nothing legal anyway.

    kind regards

    P Mac

    June 28, 2016
  • Great review Misha! I’m trying the brand new Emirates 777-300 first class suites next month, super excited 😀

    May 4, 2018

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