A Self-Portrait

Welcome to my colorful world of travel, creativity, and chaos. 

To kick off my visual travel journal I felt it would be right to start with a self-portrait. I tried to come up with some words that best described my life. The immediate terms that came to mind were: colorful, exciting, fast-paced, slightly chaotic, dreamy, and whimsical. Whatever it is I’m doing – mommy chores and travel alike – I’m always dreaming of far off places, and thus it was only fitting for me to find an image with my suitcase in hand.

Some May Say I’m a Dreamer but I’m Not the Only One

All I can hear is one little sound while I’m daydreaming, twirling, and spinning around. Voices of far off places summon me near, I respond inquisitively with impulse and cheer. So many cultures and sights to be seen, capture the moments, savor and glean. Life is what I make of it, or at least they say, well I’m creating mine in my very own way.  Not a moment to waste, on negativity or glower, I choose to shine bright, like yellow on a sunflower.  Find me on a mountain peak or over a glacier, adventure is what moves me, in every flavor. So I’m packing my bags yet another time, running out the door on the drop of a dime. Volcanoes and wildlife and jungles you say? Count me in, I’ll be there, I can’t wait another day! I’ll sing it from the rooftop in my loudest voice, I do what I love because happiness is my choice.

What are some words you would use to describe yourself? How would you translate these words visually?

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  • Vanessa Rivers

    I love, love,love this!!!! I am fun spirited, sporty, ocean loving. I would paint a big water color wave with blues and yellow and orange, like the sunset over my favorite surf break – RINCON. XO

    • Misha

      Thanks V! I would love to see yours! =)

  • Lakshmi Myers

    Fun poem and i love the art!

    • Misha

      Thank you!

  • vanessa vincent

    this is so cool!!!

    • Misha

      Thank you Vanessa! It was fun to make.

  • HL Cotten

    Your life is a wonderful adventure! Savor each moment with pictures, a journal, and a heart of gratitude for the amazing opportunity of a lifetime…

    • Misha

      Thanks for the comment! My heart is definitely full… of love, gratitude, and wonderful people. I try to remind myself of this every single day, because every day is a miracle (especially after beating cancer). <3

  • Matthew Latsha

    Since losing my beloved bride Becky of thirty years so suddenly, I’m trying to learn how to live without her and finding it so hard to do every single day. It has been so very enjoyable living vicariously through the beauty of your words, pictures, and your beautiful family. It sure does my heart good. Keep up the good work and thanks for opening my eyes to the possibility of having a life again!!! May God continue to Bless You and Your Family!!!

    • Misha

      Matthew, Thank you for such a sincere compliment. I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot even begin to imagine what that must be like. God bless YOU!

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