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Named one of the top luxury travel blogs in the world, Wildluxe showcases only the most unique and exclusive hotels, villas, and yachts, while offering its audience a window into the arena of ultra‐luxury travel. 100% of profits from this blog are donated to charities that help underprivileged children around the world.

Misha Gillingham is the owner and operator of Wildluxe. Having always had a fascination with unique luxury hotels and all of the details that go into creating that perfect guest experience, Misha focuses her creative efforts on featuring only the best of the best.

About Misha Gillingham

The Earlier Years…

My upbringing was anything but traditional. I grew up in the mountains of Malibu, California with my mother and two sisters. Although we are not of eastern descent we were raised in a Hindu community called an Ashram. The four of us shared one bedroom and one bathroom in an old mobile home. By US standards we were financially poor, but our household was rich in spirituality, culture, and morality. We were brought up to love all people no matter their ethnicity, faith, or background.

My mother worked for Delta Airlines so as kids we got the benefit of free standby airline tickets. Now I firmly thank Delta (and my mom) for introducing me to the world! Due to my mother’s cultural beliefs, we began traveling to and from India as young children. As you can imagine, this exposed us to a very different world. Seeing the poverty and conditions people lived in made us feel like our one bedroom trailer was a castle. But tasting the food, learning the traditions, and getting to know the local people was rewarding in so many ways.

Thus, the premise of a lifestyle rich in culture, exotic adventures, and far off places began to take form. I yearned to explore nature’s diverse geography and make friends with people from all different corners of the Earth. This vision wasn’t about being on vacation, it was about getting a global education.

Why I Started Blogging…

I’ve been blessed beyond all measures in that I’ve got the career of my dreams, a wonderful husband, and two beautiful children. Just like the words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. But that’s not to say it’s been easy.

I was born into a single-parent household where funds were not plentiful. I struggled through my teens and early adult years, working many odd jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t until I met my modern day Prince Charming that I was swept off my feet into a world of luxuries I never imagined possible (a real life Cinderella story). But perhaps the biggest luxury of all has been being afforded the time to focus on this venture and really put my own blood, sweat, and tears into something I am so passionate about.  (As glamorous as the blogger lifestyle may look, in all honesty it’s a ton of work!)

However the real kick in the arse came a few years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. My clock began ticking faster than I wanted it to, revealing to me a hard truth: We were not promised any amount of time on this earth. The time to live is now or possibly never. 

This realization was about something bigger than just my global travel and blogging aspirations. It was about a different type of travel – a journey within myself. I had not been living to my potential because of so much doubt. Now that I am in remission from cancer, my journey has been to get rid of this doubt and forge ahead on my path without letting others (or myself) create negativity around it. We are all capable of creating a life we love but the first step is to love ourselves enough to do so.

And Now…

My blogging achievements are not measured by how much money I’m able to bring in or how large my audience is, but rather, by how much I’m able to give back to the world for all it has given me. I have decided to donate 100% of the profits from this blog to charities that help orphans around the globe. I am currently in the process of putting together a campaign to show you how you can help too! Stay tuned!

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