Ever since I can remember, I’ve dreamt of a lifestyle rich in culture, exotic adventures, and far off places. I’ve dreamt of exploring nature’s diverse geography and of making friends with people from all different corners of the Earth. This dream wasn’t about being on vacation, it was about getting a global education. I wanted to learn about ancient traditions, become familiar with other civilizations, and discover the many wonders of the great outdoors.

Today, as a travel blogger, this is my reality. I’ve got the job of my dreams, a wonderful husband, and two beautiful children. Just like the words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. But it wasn’t always this easy.

Last year I was diagnosed with cancer and my biological clock had begun ticking faster than I wanted it to; revealing to me a hard truth: We were not promised any amount of time on this earth. The time to live is now or possibly never. This realization was about something bigger than just my global travel aspirations. It was about a different type of travel – a journey within myself. A journey to accept myself for who I am – and to accept my dreams without letting others (or myself) create negativity around them. We are all capable of creating a life we love but the first step is to love ourselves enough to do so. The purpose of this blog is not only for me to create a life I love, but to also inspire you to create a life YOU love.

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