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AMANGANI: “Peaceful home”
LOCATION: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
DESCRIPTION: Western/Modern, wilderness lodge
MUST DO ACTIVITIES: Wilderness tour, dog sledding

I stepped off of the airplane and took a deep breath of crisp fresh mountain air. It was a bit chilly but the sunlight seemed to shine down on me in a magical way and provide the perfect amount of warmth. The vast open space and mountains in the distance felt so liberating. As we were driving to Jackson we saw a sign that said, “the last of the old West”. I loved that. What a completely different world from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. I immediately felt my happy, adventurous side come out to play. Welcome to Wyoming!


When we drove up to the secluded Amangani Resort, the first thing we noticed was the glorious view of the immense snow-capped and jagged mountains. It’s pretty safe to say the early French voyageurs must have been total pervs because they named these magnificent mountains “The Tetons” which literally means “The large breasts”. Moving on…




Amangani is an outdoorsy, cozy, adventure lodge providing perfect ambiance to accent the culture and environment in which it is situated. I would describe Amangani as a mix between Western and Zen, executed in a clean, modern and tranquil fashion. However, I did not choose this resort for its ambiance. I chose it for the same reason I choose every Aman Resort. That is, the unmatched superior service they provide, going above and beyond to make sure each guest is treated like royalty.

I won’t spend much time on food reviews this time around because it is the great outdoors that makes this place so amazing. I will briefly say that The Grill at Amangani is delicious. If you aren’t staying at the hotel, make a reservation at the restaurant so you can be sure to experience the marvelous views and appreciate just how unique this setting is.



The concierge at Amangani suggested we try 2 of their activities. After trying the recommended activities at their Bali Resorts and absolutely loving them, there was no way we were going to pass up on these. One of them was a wildlife tour and the other was dog sledding. We did both. The wildlife tour was guided by a man named Jared, who seemed to know everything there is to know about animals and plants. It was really quite fascinating. We saw bison, bald eagles, elk, coyotes, swans, hawks, bulls, deer, mountain sheep, and more. The terrain we covered was so breathtakingly beautiful. The dog sledding was also a wonderful experience. We glided across the snow covered trails of the national forest area, zipping around trees along the river that ran beside us. Wyoming really put on a show!




Dog Sledding

Aesthetically, my favorite part of Amangani is the pool area. The way it is perched so wonderfully on the side of a mountain overlooking the snow-capped Tetons is something so rare and unique that you just can’t get anywhere else. It didn’t hurt that every time I went outside I seemed to be the only one at the resort. This place may have been booked at full capacity but the somehow the Aman Resorts have a way of making their properties feel tranquil and never crowded.



My suite was contemporary yet rustic, with breathtaking views, a fireplace, and large private deck. Featuring mostly wood and stone, the suite seamlessly emphasized its view into the wild. I’m a sucker for a bathtub with a view. The Aman Resorts always seem to get that one right. A nice soak with a view was a great way to start off my mornings.




Nearest airport: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (JAC) Amangani is just a short drive away.

Weather: April to June has mild days and cold nights. Summer and Fall have sunny days and cool nights. Winter brings a lot of snow, perfect for skiing. Amangani is a great place to visit year-round, but I’d avoid going in late April/early May, when the snow has just melted and everything is brown.

Jackson Hole is great for skiing and winter sports, but Amangani is also a wonderful base to exploring Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. Amangani has in-house naturalists that lead private tours.

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