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Amangiri, Utah

Our tiny little jet was flying into the microscopic Page, AZ airport just before sunset. The view from the airplane window made my jaw drop to the floor. I could feel myself getting anxious to get off the plane and go explore Amangiri and this wondrous place. The air was warm and dry. I could see the turquoise water of Lake Powell in the distance, surrounded by sweeping views of immense, red, desert rock formations. I had never been anywhere quite like this before. So beautiful, sacred, and unpopulated. Our driver drove us through the Arizona/Utah border and soon enough we arrived at the gates of Amangiri. During the drive in, I made up my mind almost immediately, that this was indeed one of my favorite places on earth. (And I’ve been to a lot of places!) If you ever get the pleasure of visiting Amangiri, before you even reach the lobby of the resort, you will understand what I’m talking about.

Perfect for a honeymoon or quick getaway, Amangiri is located on 600 acres of scenic desert beauty. There are no words to capture the powerful feeling this place radiates into the atmosphere. The resort is built right into the rock and blends in with the bottomless canyons and towering plateaus around it. Small and intimate, like all Aman properties, Amangiri has 34 guest suites, each one positioned to get a private view of the landscape. Our suite was minimal and modern, decorated in shades of white. The patio was my favorite part. Our own private desert veranda under the stars, complete with a view to die for, a fire pit, and 2 daybeds. We ordered a bottle of vino and never wanted to leave.

Our evening activity was called “Horses and History”, and was my favorite part of the trip. We rode horses into the sunset until we arrived at a large rock formation. Using a rope, We climbed to the top of the rock and found ourselves in a sandy little plateau known as “The Raven’s Nest”. It had a bonfire burning and candles everywhere. Under the bright desert stars an Amangiri chef cooked our dinner over the fire. We were served wine while our guide serenaded us with the Native American flute. An old Native American man and his 2 grandsons from the Navajo “Dine” Tribe (pronounced Din-nay) gave us a private Native American dance presentation and told us all about their people. This was truly one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had.

The next morning we woke up early and hiked to Horseshoe Bend. (Doing this in the early morning is a must, otherwise there are tourists everywhere). Unbeknownst to us, we were about to climb over a rocky hill and have nature reveal one of the most spectacular sights we’d ever seen. A red and orange desert cliffside which plunged way down into the canyon, unfolding a turquoise and emerald Horseshoe shaped expanse of the Colorado River – which wrapped around an astonishing desert rock formation. Words cannot describe the wondrous feeling of standing on top of this place, looking down into one of mother nature’s most extraordinary creations.

The Aman Resort successfully blew my expectations out of the park, once again. Who knew that one of my favorite Aman properties would be the one closest to home?


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