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It is hard to think up a life better than the one Bella and Roberto from have created for themselves. Can you imagine being lucky enough to marry someone who shares all of your same passions, and then together work towards building a beautiful brand based around what you both love? They have turned their life of adventure into a full time career and are taking on the world, one jaw-dropping expedition at a time, while sharing their experiences through their website and social media.

Viewing Bella’s and Roberto’s Instagram galleries will leave you feeling deeply inspired and might even make someone who has never stepped foot into the wilderness go climb a mountain. They have an authentic and refreshing way of capturing their adventures, which they present to the public in a way that is raw and real. No need for Photoshop or make up in Bella’s photos – her beautiful spirit shines out from within. Bella is on Instagram @expeditionersbella | Roberto is on Instagram @theexpeditioners. You can also view their inspiring videos by following their Facebook account


  1. Starting from the very beginning of your journey, how did you and Roberto meet?


Roberto and I met 10 years ago on a night out in Montreal. I was having a glass of wine in a bar with my girlfriend and he walked in with his best friend. He sat next to me and since we never left each other.


  1. Had one of you already started “The Expeditioners” or did you create it together, and when?


We started The Expeditioners as a concept about four years ago when Facebook had groups, which then changed into pages. It allowed us to share our passion for adventure, travel and photography with our friends and family. The Expeditioners went viral from there as more people were inspired by our lifestyle and were sharing our content. We’ve been traveling as a couple since we met.


  1. Many people dream of doing what the two of you do. What made you actually get out and do it?


Since we met, Roberto and I spend a big part of the year exploring new places, discovering new sports, and traveling internationally. He taught me to ski, rock-climb, sea-kayak, camp, scuba dive and even kite board. But most importantly, he taught me to love the wilderness, and to love traveling. We’ve explored the world like few ever do. What began 9 years ago for fun, morphed into a concept thanks to the advent of social media— and now we are fortunate enough to hopscotch the world as our job— but the coolest thing of it all, is that I get to do it with my husband.


  1. What has this project added to your life? What have you learned since you started The Expeditioners?


After meeting Roberto I began to lose interest in cities and the traditional ‘normal’ life. I come from a very different culture than my Canadian husband. I am Lebanese born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. The Lebanese culture isn’t known for adventure travel, and so I was never introduced to it. Roberto changed my life and for the best. With each trip we took, I fell in love with both him and the lifestyle more. I have learned to be happy, to enjoy the moment and to make the most of everyday. Money isn’t everything. Love is your best friend. Being active and doing sports make you feel better. Don’t set limits to what you can do. Never take “No” for an answer. Live the life you have always dreamed of.


  1. Do you feel you are living out your wildest dreams? It sure looks that way!


I for sure have a wild life! I get to do whatever I want, travels, sports…and that’s cool! So yes I am definitely living my wildest dreams. I never thought when I was a teenager that I would be so adventurous. I realized this year how hard it is to settle in one fixed place especially after living on the road for so long. I hope to be exploring and traveling for as long as I can.


  1. You both inspire people all over the globe. Do you have any bloggers or people who inspire YOU?


Yoga_girl (Rachel Brathen) is a huge inspiration for me and so is Freya Hoffmeister: the world’s most accomplished kayaker who just finished the circumnavigation of South America after four years at sea!

Jimmy Chin for Roberto


  1. The car is amazing! What is the story behind that?


We did a car wrap for one of our expeditions across Canada to raise money and help us launch our online magazine. Our car is a huge advertising tool as we spend a big chunk of our time on the road exploring new places. Two years ago we drove 16000km across Canada all the way to the Northwest Territories. A lot of people get attracted to our colourful vehicle loaded with all sorts of fun toys like two kayaks, a canoe, two bikes, and stop us to ask us questions. We love meeting new people and the car is a way for us to tell everyone who we are and what we do.



  1. Many people who make great companions but don’t necessarily always make great business partners. Would you say it is challenging to try and be both to one another or does it enrich your marriage and make it stronger?


Unlike many couples, Roberto and I spend a significant amount of time together. We work together from home, we travel together, we pretty much spend 24 hours a day and seven days a week together. A lot of people struggle to find someone to live with. As a couple we are happiest when together doing what we love doing. We try to be good to each other and supportive to one another even in the toughest and most precarious situations. We have a rule at home, to never stay upset for more than one hour!


  1. Have you ever encountered anything life threatening on any of your expeditions? Any wild animals, or extremely harsh weather conditions?


We encounter all sorts of people, weather and animals! From sea-kayaking in -20C to driving in Iceland during a freezing rain storm to that time we lost each other in the Canadian Wilderness… We do have a lot of sketchy moments and the fun part of it is to find a way out of these precarious situations. There is no adventure without little misadventures!


  1. What is next for The Expeditioners (I think you guys should have a TV show) but do you see little child explorers in your near future?


We are considering having kids in a couple of years. Very excited to extend our family and share all these amazing places with our baby expeditioners! All we want is to be happy and continue exploring the world sharing its beauty with the people we love the most.


  1. Do you have any advice for other female explorers?


As a woman it is not always easy to live on the road. Sometimes you must forgo some showers, other times you miss having your own personal space. In 2013 we made the decision to leave our stable income, leave our home, sell most our belongings, to hit the road and follow our dreams. Once we tasted this freedom  we never looked back.  I would rather have an open kitchen with spectacular views and give up on all the comfort in the world then living a life I don’t want to. Maybe it won’t make sense today and sometimes you will doubt yourself. But all the dots will connect eventually. Follow your heart, it certainly knows where it’s taking you. Do what you really enjoy. If you follow your passion you will eventually become a master at what you do and don’t be trapped by what other people think of you.

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