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British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Itinerary

The Perfect British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Itinerary

Hot off the press from the perfect British Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation

The British Virgin Islands are some of the most stunning and unspoiled islands on the planet. They are the perfect spot for a winter yacht charter. You won’t see any cruise ships here, nor will you be surrounded by herds of day trippers. The only thing around you will be other fellow yachters and their boats. This makes for a private and luxurious British Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation. If this is your first time traveling via yacht, check out some of my tips for your first private yacht vacation.

Planning the perfect itinerary for your British Virgin Islands yacht charter can be overwhelming. Especially since there are 4 main islands and over 50 smaller islands to choose from. I have captured some my favorite spots for seven days in absolute paradise! Including incredible white sand beaches and of course plenty of snorkeling!

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Here is the perfect 7-day itinerary for your British Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation:

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Day One: St John USVI

Start your adventure in St. John, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The majority of this island is covered in pristine national park. Begin your morning by anchoring in Frances Bay. This bay has no shortage of sunshine, white sand and incredible snorkeling. The clear waters will make snorkeling your first choice. Imagine swimming past multi-colored parrotfish, stingrays and the occasional sea turtle. If you are braving the ocean waters for the first time head to the western end of the bay. Feeling adventurous? Take a paddleboard or kayak out to Whisling Cay for even more incredible snorkeling. For dinner, if the waves haven’t worn you out, head over to Asolare. Located on top of Caneel Hill, the views at sunset are unbelievable. Fresh local ingredients create some incredibly flavorful Asian fusion cuisine.

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Day Two: Treasure Island

Heading out of St. Johns you’ll have to enter through customs at Sopers Hole, located on the western tip of Tortola. Enjoy some more time crashing through the waves while you make your way to Norman Island. Here you can spend the afternoon and evening uncovering the reason behind the nickname “Treasure Island”. Rumors of buried treasure are hidden here. Don’t worry, even if you don’t find buried treasure, the ocean floor will provide more than enough hidden gems! The Bight at Norman Island promises secluded beaches and perfect calm waters for swimming. If you want to search for some of that hidden treasure head to a set of caves located at the lower tip of The Bight. You can even go as deep as 70 feet into the darkness! This is not for the faint of heart; only experienced swimmers should venture this deep into these caves!

If you’re looking for some great food and a casual atmosphere head to Pirates Bight. Relax on the beach or one of their lounge beds and sip on one of their tropical cocktails. This restaurant is the perfect family-friendly destination. Also at Norman Island is Willy-T’s, a lively boat-turned-bar anchored out off the shore. This option is not as family friendly as it is known for it’s wild parties. But if you are looking for a less lively and low-key dinner you can always enjoy the complete privacy in your own luxury yacht. Our incredibly luxurious experience aboard the Diamond Girl Yacht definitely made it hard to leave!

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Day Three: Cooper Island and Virgin Gorda

On the third day of your British Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation, head to Cooper Island. This is an incredible destination for diving. A nearby shipwreck captures a lot of adventure-seeking attention. While the neighboring Ginger Island, also has a unique dive. This island features an Alice in Wonderland theme, with mushroom shaped coral twice the size of any human. When you need a break from the crystal clear blue waters take the wooden boardwalk of the Cooper Island Beach Club. This will connect you to activities such as dining or shopping at the gift shop. Check out one of the most unique spots, a rum bar, with over 300 different kinds of rum.

Shifting gears for the afternoon and evening, head to Savannah Bay. Entering this bay is a little tricky. There are dozens of reefs protecting the coast, so make sure your captain does his research before venturing in. Here you can anchor at the island of Virgin Gorda for the night. This island is also home to a playground of massive volcanic boulders, known as the baths. Walking through you will find hidden pools and fantastic displays of light shining through the cracks. This island also offers many breathtaking hiking trails. If you are looking for amazing island ambiance and incredible food, head to the posh beach-front Coco Maya Restaurant. It’s one of my favorites.

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Day Four: Anegada Island

If the waters are calm, cruise on over to Anegada Island. Part of the Virgin Islands’ volcanic chain, it’s rare coral reefs cover the island’s surroundings. This island is known for its flat elevation, secluded beaches and strikingly clear waters. It’s no surprise that this is yet another great snorkeling destination on the British Virgin Islands yacht charter itinerary. Anegada bargains some exclusive underwater sights including sea lavenders and wild orchids. Venture off the water and find some iguanas on the trails of Bones Bight. The landscape truly is something out of a luxury travel magazine. Admire those views even further at Cow Wreck Beach Bar. The pictures don’t lie! These blue waters bleed into the white sand beaches creating the most tranquil view. All while you sip on a crafty cocktail or indulge in some of their specialty lobster.

If you aren’t so lucky with the calm waters head to the eastern side of Virgin Gorda. I can promise, that regardless of the weather, the irresistible yacht life is one of the most luxurious ways to travel! Once you arrive, dock at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. Here, Bar Aqua is a spot to add to the itinerary. Carefully crafted smoothies, juices and cocktails make this spot great, but even better are the views from the pool. Another great family-friendly spot to dock is Bitter End Yacht Club. There are all sorts of water sport rentals and sailing classes for children.

There will be no shortage of crystal clear beaches and snorkeling on your British Virgin Islands yacht charter itinerary!

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Day Five: Guana Island and Marina Cay

It’s hard to imagine that there is still so much more to see on your British Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation. We have barely scratched the surface! On day five, head to Guana Island for a relaxing picnic lunch. Long stretches of emerald waters span the white sandy beach. This small island is one of the last remaining private islands in the world. Secluded from other travelers, it’s home to seven beaches, a small resort and mostly a pristine nature reserve. All you need to do here is lay in a hammock and enjoy the simple life! For the afternoon head to Marina Cay, an 8-acre island with warm shallow waters. Take a walk up the short summit and you’ll discover The Rob White Bar.  Spend the rest of your evening enjoying some of the best live music in the entire Caribbean.

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Day Six: Jost Van Dyke

As we near the end of our yacht charter itinerary, the next stop is one of my absolute favorites- Jost Van Dyke. White Bay is a fairly well-known and sought after spot. On your way, make a pit stop at your own private island, Sandy Spit. A picturesque sandbar in the middle of the ocean. This is the perfect little spot to relax on the sand or take a swim- make sure you bring your snorkel gear! One of the only hikes on Jost Van Dyke will lead you to a spa-like natural Jacuzzi pool. During certain times of year, you can even see whales or dolphins from this “bubbly pool”.

If you are looking for some amazing food and lively entertainment, Jost Van Dyke has it all! Foxy’s, a major foodie destination, is famous for its BBQ ribs. This is also a popular spot for some late night karaoke! The Soggy Dollar Bar on the other hand is famous for their innovative concoctions of Caribbean cocktails. Unspoiled beaches shaded with coconut palm trees and lively activity makes this destination one of the best spots on our British Virgin Island yacht charter itinerary.

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Day Seven: St. John

On the final day, head back through customs at St John. You won’t be disappointed spending another day on this island! If you aren’t sick of the water yet, travel on over to Trunk Bay. There is a 225-yard underwater snorkeling trail. Swimming through the corals you will notice underwater signs letting you know more about these colorful species. If you need a break from all the water activities, the shopping at St. John is wonderful. Peruse through the small galleries and charming boutique shops of Mongoose Junction. This colorful downtown area of Cruz Bay is definitely a spot to explore further. Reef Bay Trail Hike is another must-do land activity. Make sure to pop into the historic Reef Bay Sugar Factory.

When you need to stop for a bite to eat, you’ll find that the dining options here are some of the best in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In the evening, indulge in dinner at Zozos. This is a local favorite and conveniently located next to the sugar mill. Make sure to request a reservation, this restaurant can get rather crowded during the peak travel months.

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Although we barely scratched the surface of the 50+ islands in the BVI, these spots are some of the worthiest vacation spots on the planet! Plus, spending your days cruising in a luxury yacht makes for the perfect island hopper! You will definitely not be disappointed spending the next seven days indulging in this British Virgin Islands yacht charter itinerary! It’s been tested and approved by me!


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  • This is almost the exact route I went on. So, so good. Out of all of them I felt like Anegada was so unique because of how flat it was! We were able to rent scooters and traverse the entire island.

    May 18, 2019

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