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Hot off the press from the Chedi Andermatt in the Swiss Alps.

What was only a few years ago a tiny and quaint, yet enchanting Swiss mountain village, is now home to the magnificent Asian-inspired ski chalet, The Chedi Andermatt – and it is set to pamper its guests with the finest in comfort and elegance.

This architectural masterpiece was designed by world renowned design visionary, Jean-Michel Gathy. With strong Asian influence in the modern Alpine décor, it features dark floors, natural wood, and leather seating. It is built around a center courtyard with a large pond, and the main areas are open and spacious with fireplaces and lounge seating all around. The atmosphere exudes a sense of plush relaxation. The 123 guest rooms are generously endowed with sweeping views of the alps, and most include a fireplace, private balcony, large bathtub, minibar and heated stone flooring. Many also have wall murals inspired by 17th Century painter Peter Paul Rubens. Room controls are adjusted via iPad. I found this room to be so nice, and the bed so comfortable, I had to muster all the discipline I could just to oust myself out of bed each morning!

What lies beyond your guest room? An expansive indoor pool lined with plush daybeds, a lovely outdoor pool, ski-in living room, 24 hour reception, a cigar and wine library (huge selection!) and… drumroll please… an entire refrigerated glass room dedicated to cheese. If you’re a fan of cheese like myself, the selection in the here is perhaps the best you’ll ever encounter. Imagine floor to ceiling glass walls filled with cheese wheels – and in the center a massive cheese plate – for guests to help themselves to.

There is also a very lavish wellness and spa area. They offer yoga sessions and a variety of massages and other treatments. The hotel even has its own outdoor ice rink in the winter. Not only does the wood and natural stone that permeate the hotel create a very modern and cozy atmosphere, but a really warm touch is added with the plentiful soft and furry blankets that they have placed all around for guests to bundle up in.

Then, of course, there are the restaurants! There are multiple upscale dining options. The main restaurant serves up delicious Asian and Swiss cuisine. You’re in for a treat going here! Not only because the food is delicious and artfully crafted, but when you arrive, you can see 4 separate kitchens surrounded in glass windows. This allows you to watch the chefs work their magic! There is also a chef’s table in the center of the kitchens where diners can get an even closer look. The creations that emerge are tantalizing to both the palate and the eye.

Another restaurant in the hotel offers Japanese cuisine and features sushi from master chefs brought in from Japan. This restaurant also has a sake sommelier on staff, who can help you choose the best sake to suit your tastes.

The “living room” area has a bar and serves cocktails and small bites as guests enjoy live music. During winter, a pop-up restaurant serves specialties such as raclette and truffle fondue. I enjoyed a nice afternoon cup of tea, along with sandwiches, chocolates and other sweets while sitting by the fire.

The thing which stands out the most to me (beyond the cheese room!) is the area surrounding The Chedi Andermatt, which is definitely the most spectacular mountain scenery I have ever laid eyes upon. Within a 30 minute drive, I came across incredibly beautiful waterfalls everywhere, set in green grassy mountain peaks with rushing streams and generously scattered, brightly colored wildflowers all around.

The scene of the dramatic high peaks with the road winding around them was the perfect backdrop for the James Bond car chase scene in the 1964 movie Goldfinger! I don’t really recommend a car chase (or maybe I do), but the area also provides for beautiful hiking, mountain climbing, golfing and biking. In addition, Rhone Glacier is just minutes away; featuring a turquoise lake that cascades down the steep mountainside into a waterfall, and an ice tunnel below it that you can actually walk through.

During the winter months, a wonderful world of skiing awaits guests only a short distance from the hotel. Snowboarding is also very popular. There is a ski-butler available in the hotel’s ski room to get guests fitted up and all prepared for the slopes. Professional ski and snowboarding experts are available to manage your equipment, organize your transportation, and advise on the slope conditions.

If a magical Swiss alpine village, breathtaking scenery, and a marvel of elegance with all of the modern luxuries and amenities sounds appealing… The Chedi Andermatt should be on your list!

I was hosted as a guest of The Chedi Andermatt, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always, my own.

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  • Culture Passport

    Wow, this place looks like paradise ! 🙂

  • Nila Hollingsworth

    You had me at “Cheese Room.” ? This place is a dream come true.

  • Sarah Clark

    This place is like a slice of heaven! That cheese, and those views!! GORGEOUS! ! ! ?

  • Uwe Bender

    Regarding the Sake Sommelier you should know that he recently got reveiled as being an impostor. He never ever passed any examination of the SSA (Sake Sommelier Association)! The Chedi had to confess that the documents provided to proof a successful examination were not authentic.

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