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Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa

Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa: An Exclusive Safari Retreat

Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa: Hot off the press from Kenya

Cottars safari Camp Bush Villa: Grab ahold of extraordinary.

The Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa is like nothing you’ll ever find elsewhere. It is an oasis of luxury on 6,000 acres. All of which are a part of their privately-owned conservancy. Cottars is located deep within the Maasai Mara of Kenya, which has been dubbed the 8th Wonder of the World. Here, lush greenery and flowing rivers attract the richest diversity of mammals on earth. As you can imagine, close up views of exotic animals are a common affair in these parts.

Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa Deck

The Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa was built from locally sourced eco-friendly materials. High ceilings and large windows usher in natural light throughout. They also offer expansive views of both the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti from most every room. Not many places can boast that!

The Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa, spanning 10,000 square feet, is a great option for extended families with kids, or large groups. It boasts:

  • 5 bedrooms with large ensuite bathrooms
  • large living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • a fabulous 82 foot lap pool overlooking the Mara
  • a panoramic viewing deck with hammocks and comfy lounge chairs
  • personal butler
  • private chef
  • masseuse
  • daily housekeeping
  • private game vehicle, guide, and tracker
  • security guard

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The Butler, Chef, Masseuse, and Beyond

A key ingredient that makes the Cottar’s Safari Camp Bush Villa stand out is the pampering staff of 8. They were all so friendly and attentive. We had a personal butler and a great masseuse. We had security guards and daily housekeepers. Lastly, we had private personal guides and a fantastic chef.

Accordingly, the food preparations were spectacular. I’m amazed at the fine vegetarian cuisine created in such a remote part of Africa. It was delicious with no ingredients or spices lacking.

The Safari Experience

Guests of the Cottar’s Camp Bush Villa get their own private vehicle, guide, and tracker. Our guide’s name was Mako. He was, most definitely, my favorite safari guide ever – and I have been on a lot of safaris!  In short, he was a treasure chest of knowledge and wonderful stories and was happy to tell us all about it. On our game drives we saw just about every animal we had hoped to. Well done Mako!

Cottars Safari

Furthermore, we went on exhilarating guided bush walks and enjoyed meals out in the wild. The highlight of my stay was when we drove out into the Serengeti for a bush breakfast. The staff laid out an incredible spread for us. We enjoyed yummy quiches, fruit, cheese plates, eggs and more. The best part was watching the giraffes and elephants parade by while we ate.

An added bonus was that our safari vehicle was surprisingly comfortable. Moreover, they were equipped with hot water bottles and traditional Maasai blankets. As a result, we could be warm and cozy the whole time we were out. Incidentally, during the entire duration of our stay we never saw another vehicle. It was like we had the whole park to ourselves. Likewise, Cottar’s Camp felt the same way. The bottom line, it felt like we had our own personal safari camp.

Other Fun Activities

Cottar’s Camp guests can also book a balloon ride over the Maasai Mara. During the right season, you can swim and sip sundowners at a waterfall. A variety of safaris can be tailor-made for your group. On the other hand, you can enjoy some relaxing down time at the villa. Play some family board games with the kids. Unwind with a rejuvenating massage. Watch a good movie. Take a refreshing dip in the pool!

Cottars Safari Camp Bush Villa Pool

Visiting a Maasai Village

Another particularly memorable event was when we visited a local Maasai village. Mako gave us background info on the Maasai culture. We learned that the men of his tribe typically have multiple wives and many children. The Maasai diet consists mostly of milk and animal blood. Their clothing is made from brightly colored cotton cloth, with lots of red. He also really impressed us one night by making fire with just 2 sticks.

In addition to that, Mako told dramatic stories of growing up in the bush. Once he had to kill a lion because it attacked his friend. Another time he and his brother were playing under a tree as kids. They were unaware that there was a leopard in the tree. Eventually it jumped out down and took his brother’s eye out. Living in the bush definitely has its share of struggles but thankfully overall, they appear very healthy.

We spent some time with the women and children in the village. They welcomed us into their tiny homes. It is actually the women who construct the homes. They are made primarily from large sticks, mud and cow dung. The women also create some incredibly beautiful and intricate beadwork.

Cottars Safari Camp Maasai Guide

What’s Included In My Stay?

Just about everything you’ll need is already stocked in the Cottar’s Safari Camp Bush Villa. Included in the cost of your stay is:

-meals and drinks

-game drives

-a dedicated game drive vehicle, guide, and tracker

-one complimentary massage per guest

-satellite tv/dvd player

-internet throughout the house



-towels and linens

-daily housekeeping

-private chef

-security guard


Cottar’s Safari Camp Bush Villa: Summary

To sum it all up, Cottar’s Camp makes for a phenomenal vacation. It offers unparalleled wild adventures, that make for lifelong memories. The enriching cultural experience is life changing. Cottar’s list of activities extends far and wide and there is never a dull moment. I cannot wait to return to the Cottar’s Villa with my whole family.

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp. The opinions expressed in this article are my own.