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The essence of a photograph lies within the ability to capture the right light at the right moment in time. One without the other, and the photograph loses its soul. It is in this fleeting moment that a powerful bond between light and time reconnects humanity with Mother Nature. This is my lifelong quest and endless pursuit of what moves my spirit. This is the equation of time.” –Peter Lik
Last week I was invited to Peter Lik’s La Jolla gallery to view his new photography book, Equation of TimeEntering the gallery I didn’t really know what to expect. Exiting the gallery, I was sure this was the most beautiful book I had ever seen. I left inspired and in awe.

Image by Peter Lik

Personal Thoughts

You know that moment when you set eyes on something so extraordinary that your inner creative being awakens in all of its beautiful glory? For me, this happened last week as I was introduced to master photographer Peter Lik’s new book, Equation of Time. This deeply moving visual stroke of genius reached more senses than just my eyes. It stirred up sensations within me that I didn’t know existed.

It took two gloved gallery employees moving ever-so-carefully to bring Lik’s new 106-pound photography book from the metal display stand over to the room where I was eagerly waiting. I couldn’t help but gasp at this powerfully massive and yet massively powerful collection of astounding outdoor adventure shots from around the globe. Quite literally, it was the largest book I’d ever seen (40 inches across); and those pages were filled with more exuberance than a birthing unit in a Labor and Delivery ward.


As I turned the pages they tugged at my heartstrings; insistently taunting my hard-wired love for the great outdoors. Yes, my body was essentially there in that small dark room in La Jolla, but my mind was going on adventure after adventure. The most exciting one had me swaying in and out of rough waters, on a tiny boat directly in front of an erupting volcano. Hot orange lava was spewing through the smoky air and the smell of adventure all around. In this one shot, Mr. Lik captured the single most mesmerizing scene I’d ever laid eyes upon.

Image by Peter Lik

Other pages uncovered panoramas of aquamarine glacial ice caves, a rising sun beaming down over the Great Wall of China; and among my favorites, an enchanting endless field of sunflowers at dusk.

Image by Peter Lik

Image by Peter Lik

The vibrant and blissful Equation of Time displays what I believe to be the true essence of life on Earth. Nature’s most brilliant creations, caught with impeccable timing and just the right light, bringing about reflections that will forever intrigue me when it comes to photography in general. So much focus, stillness, and passion goes into each great shot, and the end result is always unique to the artistic vision of the eye behind the lens. Lik’s creative vision speaks to me in a way that not much else does – and it’s obvious many other people feel the same way. Collectors have spent up to 6.5 million on a single photograph.

Peter Lik Book

Included in the purchase of Lik’s Equation of Time masterpiece, is a 59-inch framed print called Blazing Skies. Equation of Time is a limited edition collector’s item – only 950 copies were printed – and the price increases with each purchase as the inventory becomes scarce.

Blazing Skies Peter Lik

Images & Video

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LIK USA. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • Nila Hollingsworth

    What does a book as unique as that one go for? Is it for sale?

    • Misha

      Nila, it is definitely a luxury item with a price tag to match. The last time I checked it was around $5,500 but that will increase with each copy that gets sold because it’s a limited edition.

  • Anna Elbek

    Wow, the images are breathtaking! Great video

    • Misha

      Anna they are even better in real life =)

  • Vanessa V


  • Vic

    $5,500 seems like a really fair price point; given the number of collectable images, size & scope, I expected it to be 2-3 times as much.

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