Treehouse in Taznania, lake manyara safari

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I seek out intimate luxury travel experiences that provide guests with a deep connection to nature. Whether it be a wilderness lodge, wildlife safari, guest ranch, or farm stay, I will show you the best that each outdoor-focused destination has to offer.

The ultra-luxe Africa specialist and Travel + Leisure #2 safari outfitter in the world, ROAR AFRICA, is now taking bookings for the Inaugural Flavors of a Rainbow Nation culinary and cultural journey. Hosted by ROAR AFRICA CEO and founder Deborah Calmeyer and acclaimed New York Chef Dan Kluger, this magical farm-to-table and safari experience offers a total immersion into the cuisine, culture and personality of South Africa.

“The retreat is ultimately designed for those passionate about the conservation and restoration of our wild places. It is designed to bring together visionaries, game-changers and those eco-pioneers for whom true luxury is the coming together of like-minded individuals,” says the host and founder of Roar Africa, Deborah Calmeyer.  

Bordering Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica’s northwestern province of Guanacaste is a nature lover’s paradise. The golden coast is made up of mountains, national parks, endless beaches, exotic wildlife and magnificent waterfalls you have to see to believe. Of all the things to do and see, my top activity in Guanacaste was the Rio Celeste waterfall hike. The waterfall is located within the cloud forests of Tenorio National Park and is known for its hypnotic blue color and tropical surroundings.

A small village swathed in warm shades of red beckons visitors to the southeast region of France. Set atop hilly topography, the village of Roussillon, France is known for its abundant supply of ochre. Additionally, it is known for its brilliant shocks of red, yellow, and gold that permeate the landscape. The commanding pine trees growing up and around the village provide an impressive contrast of red and green, and furthermore make the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities. Roussillon, France is a fantastic stop on your travels through the southeastern countryside.

A Switzerland road trip is the perfect way to see the country. With fresh mountain air and breathtaking views around every corner, Switzerland ranks as one of my top 3 favorites countries. Now, let's talk about how to move around the area and what should be seen. For starters, I recommend renting a comfortable vehicle, as you'll be sitting for quite some time. Plus, having the freedom to be on your own timetable, making stops at every jaw-dropping spot along the way, is priceless. This is why I'm going to tell you about my three favorite drives in Switzerland and what you can expect to see there.

Imagine a tiny French village set atop a high ridge, flanked by sweeping fields of lavender and golden wheat. Sault, France sits in the southeastern region of the country, and is an important part of Provence’s lavender industry. Summer in Sault comes alive with the purple fragrant sea of blooms. The flowering fields emanate a feeling of tranquility and enchantment.

A historic, magical village proudly stands amongst the hills of the Plateau de Vaucluse in southern France. White stone buildings dating back to the 12th century form uneven geometric patterns as they climb the mountain side in tidy tiers. Narrow cobblestone streets lined with cafes and bakeries wind throughout the village. Fields of lavender stretch across the landscape in neat, fragrant rows. Just below the town, a massive sea of sunflowers opens up to the sky. Gordes, France looms over the forests of Provence with categorical, storybook charm. Please grant me the pleasure of sharing an insider’s look at this magical village of Gordes, France.

By now you may have read up on all the hottest yacht vacation destinations. So what's next? Choosing out a private yacht to pair with that incredible paradise - of course! Or maybe you’re here to daydream about sunny days aboard a luxury private yacht, while the waves rock you into serenity. Either is fine by me! Check out these 5 majestic vessels from Superyacht Sales and Charter that are seemingly crafted to perfection. In fact, their private yacht swimming pools take things to the next level.

Towering 4,000 meters high, the triple peak crest of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau form what’s commonly known as the Jungfrau Region. If you only have time to visit one region in Switzerland, this is arguably one of the best spots to land. As you begin planning your adventure to the Swiss Alps, you might find it a bit overwhelming. This region is home to a number of villages, popular excursions and famous landmarks – many of which have similar names. For example, Jungfrau is the region we are about to uncover, whereas Jungfraujoch is a platform high in the alps famed for its title “Top of Europe”. Fortunately, these villages are so close together there will be no need to choose only one to visit. However, you will be asking yourself which one you should visit first! Let’s explore four of the most beautiful villages in the Jungfrau Region and some itinerary-worthy adventures.

Matera is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. It is an ancient village located in the region of Basilicata in southern Italy. This region is mostly known for its abundance of forests, mountains and rolling hillsides. Here, amongst the landscape is the fascinating and historic town of Matera. This off-the-beaten-path destination is exactly what is missing from most southern Italy vacation plans. I will never forget the moment I first laid eyes on this place. Driving within what seemed like a desolate landscape, this village sort of came out of nowhere. Its indescribable charm is something you need to see to believe.