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Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

SETTING: Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada | 

DESCRIPTION: Rustic yet luxurious wilderness lodge on Lake Beauvert in the Canadian Rockies. | 

MUST DO ACTIVITIES: Kayak on Lake Beauvert, Explore the area, Motorcycle tour with Jasper Motorcycle Tours, and a day trip to Maligne Lake.


Surrounded by snowcapped peaks and sparkling lakes, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is the grand rocky mountain experience, and one of my favorite places on earth. Below is a short recap of my experience there. 

 I opened my cabin door, stepped outside, and the first thing I saw was an elk staring me directly in the face. It was only about ten feet away. Wow! I heard these guys can be aggressive so I waited for it to walk in the other direction and made my way to the path that led to main part of the hotel. On my way, I was passed by a member of the hotel staff who was in a golf cart. He offered to give me a lift and told me that I had just missed a large grizzly who was wandering around a few yards away. Double wow! It gave me chills but also gave me that sense of adventure and excitement that I love so much.

Once I got to the main lodge I was blown away by the intense beauty of Lake Beauvert and the surrounding mountains. I had never seen a lake this color before. It was emerald green, crystal clear, and encompassed by so much greenery. My heart felt truly content. Nature has this effect on me.

My sister and I decided we wanted to add to all of this excitement and we booked a motorcycle tour through Jasper. What an experience this was! The sites were out of this world, and this was also where we had our first encounter with a grizzly. What I found surprising was how little the bear cared about us being there. It just kept eating and didn’t even bother to look our way. So I snapped a few photos and then we sped off as fast as we could.

Later in the day we kayaked on the beautiful Lake Beauvert and explored the lodge’s many trails around the lake. Dinner was a fabulous dining experience. We sat outside with stunning views of the lake, which we were able to enjoy for hours, as the sun didn’t set until 11pm.

One of our best experiences here was taking the scenic drive to Lake Maligne. There are many different lakes on the way, each unique and marvelous in it’s own way.

Visit the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Website

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge offers a large variety of activities year round.

paddle boats, kayaks, canoes
white water rafting
private guided fly fishing
tours of Athabasca Falls and Miette Hot Springs
mountain biking
journey down Icefields Parkway (rated one of the top 10 most scenic drives in the world.)
helicopter tours
Jasper Tramway
boat cruise on Lake Maligne
horseback riding

ice skating on lake Mildred
skiing and snowboarding
Maligne Canyon ice walk
dog sledding
snowmobile tours


This would be a fabulous place for a destination wedding or honeymoon.

Watch out for the elk! They can be dangerous and aggressive.

I would not recommend wasting your time filling your suitcase with high heels, you won’t wear them here. Pack work out clothing, tennis shoes, a bikini, and something comfortable for dinner. It’s a wilderness lodge!
















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