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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: Wellness & Relaxation in the Swiss Alps

Hot off the press from Switzerland’s Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

This stately vision of opulence rises from a valley in the Swiss Alps. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz stands proudly amid wooded slopes. An escape of wellness and relaxation, the resort invites you to breathe in, breathe out, breathe free. IndeedGrand Resort Bad Ragaz is a true haven for those seeking to detox from the stresses of daily life. In fact, it was the perfect destination for me to reset after months of traveling. For starters, this is because they offer such an extensive menu of healing therapies and spa treatments. But secondly, the lavish accommodations and attentive service of the staff made for an incredible stay. Based on my experience, I can easily comprehend why Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is coined the “best wellness hotel in Switzerland.”

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A Brief History


Above all, what makes the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz so special is its access to the healing waters of the Tamina Gorge. A thermal spring was discovered in the middle ages, and it brought visitors from near and far to visit. In fact, it is what originally established the area as a notable spa and wellness resort. Since the 1800s, a pipe has pumped the warm water to Bad Ragaz drawing guests to bathe and refresh. Interestingly enough, this is the same source of water that flows straight from the faucets of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz guest suites.

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The Healing Water

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Generally, the water from the spring flows at a natural temperature of 36.5° C (body temperature) and has a low mineral content.  Therefore, submersing your body in the water changes its physical environment and promotes relaxation. This is because the buoyancy, pressure, density, and temperature are contributing to the positive effects on the body. In fact, studies demonstrate the properties of the water have healing effects on certain ailments such as rheumatoid, cardiovascular, neurological and mechanical disorders.

Spa Suites

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Throughout my stay at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, I felt luxuriously comfortable in my Spa Suite. The Spa Suites are located in the modern section of the Quellenhof Suites. Essentially, I was sequestered in a modern oasis. Walking into the suite, I immediately noticed the sleek finishes that make up the grandness of the space. The suite is laid in an open floor plan with warm, chestnut floors grazed by white organza silk drapes. 

Each Spa Suite displays floor to ceiling windows that look out over a magnificent view of the Swiss Alps. The morning sunrise is to die for! Not to mention, the suite comes with a personal butler. Your wish is his/her command! No doubt, the service is sublime, and you’ll have every need met efficiently. Additionally, each suite is equipped with a dry sauna, steam shower, and soaking tub with a view. It’s like having a spa in your own elegant bathroom.

Mountain views you’ll never forget!
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Plus, how cool is this? The thermal waters of the Tamina Gorge flow right from the bath and shower in your bathroom. Meaning you can experience their rejuvenating powers from the privacy of your state room. The water is pure, and perfectly safe for consumption. Furthermore, the suite’s plush bed can be adjusted to your firmness preference with the touch of a remote. Given the grandness of the suite, you may never want to venture beyond its walls – but, the the resort has far more to offer!

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Wellness and Rejuvination


While at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, I enjoyed the luxury of the Ragaz Relaxation program. The program is designed to achieve inner balance for both your mind and soul.  Thus, you can partake of the program in two, three, or five day increments. Respectively, each program length incorporates more wellness and bathing treatment options. I spent 3 days refreshing with the following therapies:


I began my program with a BioScan that utilizes energy wavelengths to evaluate the functionality of each system. Fascinatingly, the BioScan sends electrodes through your body, which easily break through the body’s magnetic field of cells. The electrodes gauge cell communication, and data collected may be interpreted to determine the effectiveness of your body’s organs and systems. After, the BioScan produces a report grading how well each function operated. It was amazing to learn where my body was doing a great job, and where it could use some improvement.

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Relaxation at its best!

Thermal Bath


Depending on your goals, a customized bathing submersion plan will be constructed for you. Enjoy the luxurious feel of the water slipping over your skin. I spent time alternating between the warm water of the thermal bath and detoxing in the sauna. Ultimately, the result was an invigorating sensation of vitality! 


Aromatherapy Massage


No doubt, my tensions were also eased with excellent massage sessions. They used a mixture of warm and healing organic Altearah oils. The massage options draw on the healing rituals of Tibetan, Hawaiian, and Russian cultures. Coupled with bathing rituals, your massage will further encourage the detoxification of the muscles as toxins are released with the tension.


Water Aerobics


Of course, exercise is a vital aspect of the rejuvenation program. The low impact movements were just what I needed to jump start my energy levels. The guided exercise session utilized the resistance and really had me working! Add in the warmth of the water, and you have the perfect exercise method.

Customized to meet your wellness needs!
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I stretched and centered myself with daily private yoga sessions. However, if you’re not a Yogi–don’t fret! Your focus will be on your breathing and staying focused on the moment and the poses are secondary. Plus, combined with the massages and bathing rituals, you will feel languid and limber as you flow through the movements.


Body Scrub


When your skin needs some love, there is no better way to show it some TLC than with a body scrub. As a matter of fact, your skin is the largest organ, taking care of it is a must! The scrub uses sea salt and oil to slough off dead cells and reveal the fresh skin beneath. Take note, this is a full body treatment, and will have you glowing from head to toe.


Assisted Floating


In an effort to melt away the stressors of daily life, assisted floating encourages you to seclude yourself in the moment. You’ll lie slightly submerged in the thermal waters of Bad Ragaz as a spa professional ensures you remain above the water line. This was definitely one of the most relaxing things I have ever experienced. 

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Even more!

Cuisine Équilibrée


Incorporating the importance of a healthy diet, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz developed a light and healthy menu that will reset your body. The meals incorporate appropriate proportions of protein, fats, and carbohydrates creating an acid-base diet to complement the healing components of your relaxation program. In fact, it was even perfect for me as a vegetarian!


Kid’s Treatments


My 11 year old daughter was with me during my stay at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, and we were delighted by the children’s spa treatments available. She had her own robe and treatments to choose from. Additionally, there was a kid’s club, a bowling alley and other fun activities to keep her occupied. She loved it, and said it was her favorite resort she’s ever been to! 

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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a variety of dining options with seven restaurants to choose from. Truly, no matter what you crave, you’ll find a plate that satisfies!

IGNIV | 1 Michellin Star 16 GaultMilleau Points

The restaurant’s menu was curated by renowned Chef Silvio Germann and Francesco Vanvenuto. Their dining philosophy: eating is the joy of being together. Therefore, excellent fine dining options to share are available, as well as a children’s menu.   

Bel-Air | 15 GaultMilleau Points

Bel-Air offers many international options including a wonderful Japanese menu. Depending on the season, family barbeques and buffets are available. Here is where you will see many of the Cuisine Équilibrée options, which are great selections when you want something light and healthy.

Namun | 13 GaultMilleau Points

Asian-inspired cuisine is served in a sultry setting. The restaurant is bathed in low, soft lighting perfect for a romantic dinner. In brief, the colors and fragrances of the dishes will tantalize your senses. If you’re a sushi lover, this is your spot! The staff presents each dish beautifully, and you’ll love the service. 

Olives D’Or

Here, you can get your Mediterranean fix. Lovely seafood options and pastas are served in a bright, simple ambiance. During the summer, you can dine on the terrace while enjoying the warm weather. They have a great breakfast buffet, and Cuisine Équilibrée is also served in this restaurant. 

Yep, that’s right! 7 dining options as well as a casino! 


If you want to taste the flavors of the local Swiss culture, Zollstube has you covered. Savory fondues, herb risottos and draught beers are in abundance. In fact, they serve a Quell beer, which is brewed with the thermal waters of the Tamina Gorge. Who knows what sort of healing properties that may provide!

Gladys | 14 GaultMilleau Points

The Gladys is the golf course’s signature restaurant. Recently revamped, the chef concocts seasonal dishes using sustainably sourced produce. Several of the herbs used in the restaurant’s dishes are picked from the side of the fairway. Gladys offers a variety of local and international plates all perfect after a round of golf.

Schloss Wartenstein  

Last, Schloss Wartenstein! The view, oh the view! Schloss Wartenstein looks out over the splendid beauty of the Swiss Alps. Styled like a conservatory, the restaurant has a beautiful terrace perfect for dining in good weather. The food is a myriad of comfort and fresh dishes meant to remind you home. Be forewarned, the desserts are quite decadent and large. Furthermore. If you walk around to the side of the building, you’ll notice a giant Jesus statue, resembling the one in Rio! 

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Light Ragaz


Last but not least, in the event that you’re ready to venture from the lavish accommodations of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz into town,  you must see the “Light Ragaz” show! Light Ragaz transforms the Tamina Gorge into the world’s largest projector screen. To explain, the event flashes 3D light projections on the sheer face of the rock. Instantly, vibrant flashes of light illuminate the gorge and marry nature and technology in a brilliant visual display. Here, the combination of  light,  water, and stone make a lasting impression – one that I highly recommend you see! Make note, the show commences each evening at 6:00 PM. 


All in all, my stay at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was a delightful experience. I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged. The level of attentiveness, service and opulence is superb. When you find your way to the lovely, Swiss town of Bad Ragaz you must find time to spend a few days at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Your body will thank you!

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, but the opinions expressed in this article are entirely my own.