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Guanacaste vacation renta

Guanacaste Vacation Rental: Villa Nova with Costa Rica Star Villas

Hot off the press from Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Grab your besties and go… a fabulously modern Guanacaste vacation rental awaits in Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica.

Villa Nova, a truly “wow” Guanacaste vacation rental is waiting to meet and greet you! Its mission: to thrill and introduce you to the higher echelons of contemporary design in the most gorgeous locale. Go and get seduced by Villa Nova’s floor to ceiling glass walls. Go and get bedazzled by the views that surround the villa. Go and get catered to by the warm and friendly staff!  Share a priceless experience with those who mean the most to you. Share a Guanacaste vacation rental that is sure to create lasting memories for all guests.

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Love at first sight, the inside details

Villa Nova shines like a cliff-side palace overlooking the rich, green jungle and brilliant blue waters of Playa Ocotal. It boasts 9,000 square feet of pure luxury to pamper its guests. It contains five en-suite bedrooms, appointed with flat screen TVs and personal terraces. Furthermore, the villa accommodates up to 12 people. All bedrooms are top notch—plush, comfy and gorgeous, but the master bedroom is absolutely over the top. It’s a part of a separate guesthouse, and it is gigantic. If you’re traveling with a group, you’ll all have to draw straws to see who gets to sleep there! Even the master bathroom is incredible, with a shower that can be likened to a car wash—HUGE!  And its views are epic. Actually, every vantage point of this property will provide guests with views that just don’t quit.

Stepping out to your dream pool

Step out onto the water-submerged terrace to cool your feet and enjoy a refreshing beverage. Here, you’ll find an array of lounge chairs resting in the reflection pools, inviting you to sunbathe. The infinity pool provides for a refreshing swim and more fabulous views. There is also a barbeque to round out the poolside amenities.

The outdoor furnishings and design elements are equally as elegant as those indoors. The architecture and landscaping makes attractive use of stones, wood, glass and concrete.

Rolling out the red carpet service

This is one trip where you’ll likely be moving from one adventure to the next. Yet, you can relax knowing that there is a daily housekeeping service to keep things clean, sparkling and in order. Also included in the cost of your booking is a wonderful daily breakfast, concierge services and a private driver. My personal recommendation is to request Blair for your driver—he’s terrific!  In fact, the onsite staff are all exceptionally wonderful. Hubert and Nela also happen to be great cooks, so if you want to dine in, be sure to arrange something with them in advance.

Guests can also arrange to have spa treatments administered right in their own suite. Try a work-out in the fitness room followed by a dip in the pool and jacuzzi. Top it off with a massage and you’ll be ready to take on the world!

The concierge can also assist guests with facilitating special event planning needs. Villa Nova is an ideal Guanacaste vacation rental location for celebrating weddings, anniversaries, and in fact any momentous occasion. Plus, it’s conveniently located only about 30 minutes from Liberia Airport.

Venturing beyond the villa

The concierge can also assist in setting up guests for different excursions and nearby activities, of which there are plenty! The variety of options are endless. For those who like to get wet: go snorkeling, diving, visit waterfalls and hot springs, or go tubing at Canyon River. Animal lovers might like horseback riding, the monkey farm, or a number of tours that include animal sightings. Let the concierge know what interests you, and they’ll get you on your way to some great adventures.

The Villa Nova experience in summary

In conclusion, all of the above are compelling reasons for choosing this Guanacaste vacation rental with Costa Rica Star Villas.

It is a perfect option for those who like adventure-filled yet luxurious destinations. With the help of the many outside activities, the fitness room, and pool, you can remain fit as a fiddle while on your holiday. You won’t have to worry about returning home two sizes larger.

This villa is a great value if you go with a group and share the cost. The only question is who gets the coveted master suite?

A few things to be mindful of:

  • Staying here may be a concern if you’re traveling with elders or young children due to the many challenging walkways with rocks and sharp corners.
  • If you like to do your own extensive cooking for a large group, the kitchen might be a little small.
  • Then there’s the master bath. Amazing and beautiful as it is, the windows everywhere may not afford complete privacy in the event that someone decides to go trekking around the property.
  • Lastly, the dirt road leading to the property is tiny and winding. If heights scare you, be sure not to look over the edge.

If these few concerns aren’t an issue for you, then you certainly can’t go wrong at Villa Nova, an unforgettable vacation destination!

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I was hosted as a guest of Costa Rica Star Villas, but the opinions expressed in this post are, as always, my own.

Misha Gillingham is the owner and operator of Wildluxe. Fascinated by luxury hotels and all of the details that go into creating that perfect guest experience, Misha focuses her creative efforts on showcasing only the most exclusive properties in the world. Follow along and discover the travel destinations you've been dreaming of.

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