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Korando Education Center

Mama Dolfine and her 45 Adopted Children: Korando Education Center

Coming to you from the Korando Education Center, an orphanage in Kenya

The purpose of this post is to tell you the heartbreaking, and yet heartwarming, story behind the Korando Education Center – an orphanage in Kenya.

I was about to go to Kenya and was put in touch with someone from a 501(c)(3)charity called Ripple Effect Project. They told me about the Korando Education Center, which is a non-government operated (NGO) school and orphanage in Kenya. Sadly, they are about to get shut down by the ministry of health, due to the unsafe structure of their buildings.

Dolfine, who’s known as “Mama” started the Korando Education Center in 1997,  after losing both of her own sons; one to AIDS and the other to food poisoning.  She has recently lost her husband as well. Now, Dolfine and her adult daughter Pamela run the orphanage and take care of the 45 children that live there.  Additionally, they run a school that educates over 200 poor children who live in the area.

The Ripple Effect Project helps raise funds for Dolfine, her 45 adopted children, and the 200+ students who attend the school. Most of these students are so poor that the only meal they get each day comes from the school. They live in child-headed homes, or homes where their relatives are too poor to provide them with school books, shoes, food, or clothing.

Mama Dolfine comforts these children, loves them, teaches them about God, and educates them through middle school. Ripple Effect Project raises funds to sponsor the children through high school and college. 

Over the years, the Ripple Effect Project has provided Dolfine and the children with electricity, land to grow food, and even watermelons to sell. They built a deep water well, purchased shoes for the students, put in a septic system, and an animal pen.  Ripple Effect has also provided support to pay the teachers and purchase school supplies.

The Ministry of Health has condemned the current Korando Education Center building and ordered that it be shut down.  Ripple Effect Project is helping Dolfine build a new school for all of these children. They have made building plans and estimate the total cost of the new school structure to be around $250,000. So far, they’ve raised about $50,000 and have begun laying the foundation for the new school, however, they still need to raise the funds to build the rest. 

Your tax-deductible contribution can be sent to:

Ripple Effect Project
School Capital Campaign
PO Box 1956
Waterville, ME 04901