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Hot off the press from Lake Powell: The Powell Vacation Guide
Lake Powell Vacation

Calling all summer adventure seekers! The pristine waters of Lake Powell and its immense adventures are awaiting. Spending a week at this vacation hotspot certainly does not disappoint. In fact, it is packed with so much fun you’ll never want to leave! We stayed in a luxury houseboat, which is truly the BEST way to travel on your Lake Powell vacation. Boats can be charted with a private chef and staff through Forever Houseboats.

There are over 2,000 miles of coastline and secluded sandy coves to uncover plus, the flexible itinerary and privacy are something you will crave. Yet, one of the best parts about this destination – unlike many other lake vacation spots –  is that there are no bugs!

The layout of Lake Powell is extremely diverse. Arriving from Page, Arizona, the Southern portion of this lake is abundant with boats of all kinds. Heading deeper into the middle section of the lake provides the most stunning scenery with slot canyons and narrow passages. Finally, the Northern section, near Bullfrog Marina, is where the popular hiking jaunts begin. With 96 major side canyons and more coastline than the combined states on the Pacific Coast, it should come as no surprise that we are suggesting a Lake Powell vacation!



When you plan a Lake Powell vacation, the first thing you will want to do is find a way to get on, and in, these stunning blue-green waters.  As beautiful and refreshing as these waters are, they are also your key to uncovering an immense network of canyons. Leaving Bullfrog Marina head to forgotten canyon and safely weave through the towering and narrow passages. You will come across a 2-mile path that leads you by foot to this wondrous rock formation. Secure your boat, grab some water and let the adventure begin! It is hard to imagine that something this beautiful was created by wind, rain and sand. It truly stops you in your tracks.

If you are searching for more hiking opportunities, you’ve came to the right place. Here, on the North side of Lake Powell you will have an ample amount of hiking adventures. From Rainbow Bridge you also have easy access to Defiance House Ruins and the ancient pictographs. Next, head across Forgotten Canyon to Smith Fork. This is another 2 or 3-hour hike that will take you to the top of Tapestry Wall for jaw-dropping views of the lake and surrounding canyons.

Lake Powell Vacation


If you choose to stay in a luxury houseboat, you will constantly be surrounded by an abundance of fish. On Lake Powell the fishing is fantastic and comes with a wide-range of aquatic life. Rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, walleye and Bluegill are just a few of the fish you can test your luck trying to catch. Not to mention, with plenty of fish, a rare bald eagle may grace you with its presence while it swoops for a mid-day snack. Grab your coffee in the morning and fish right off the top of the houseboat while watching the sunrise. Make sure to remember that these waters span two states. Prior to your Lake Powell vacation, make sure to purchase the appropriate fishing licenses.


What’s more adventurous than jumping out of an airplane?! As nerve-wrecking as this may be, you will be rewarded with the most majestic views of the area. Imagine seeing Glen Dam Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the waters of Lake Powell at a single viewpoint. If you have the guts for it, this is one adventure you should add to your Lake Powell vacation itinerary. However, if you don’t have the stomach for the fall you could venture out on a helicopter or airplane tour of the surrounding scenic spots. Head to Page, Arizona to get these adventures started.


There is something magical about cutting through the waters in a kayak. This allows you to get out there and really explore those spots where your boat can’t venture. Take this to the next level and endeavor on an overnight kayak excursion. This allows for even more opportunities to find those hidden secrets deep within the canyons. Head to the middle and north parts of the lake to find those narrow slots where not even boats will maneuver. If you are planning your Lake Powell vacation around these kayaking adventures, travel during the fall season once the summer buzz has begun to fade. Luckily the desert sun keeps these waters plenty warm through the early months of fall.


You heard me right! This summer hotspot is known as the aquatic playground of the desert. However, this destination can also be known for some of the best and worst lake dives. To dive here, visibility is key and the conditions can change drastically based on weather and season. For generally the best conditions head to Bullfrog. Lost Canyon, Cathedral Canyon and Iceberg Canyon are known to have some of the clearest waters. Expect to see a wealth of fish and some other non-natural items like boat wrecks.


The summer heat elevates Lake Powell’s water temperature to a balmy 70 degrees by early June. These warm waters paint the perfect canvas for a splashy day full of adventures. Wherever you are, take the day and jump into the uniquely clear lake from the top of your houseboat. Paddleboarding, tubing and water skiing are also popular activities. Craving some speed? Rent a jet ski for your boat trip and zip through the waters at your leisure.

Lake Powell Vacation

A Lake Powell Vacation is an adventure-dwelling desert paradise. Spread out over a week, these adventures can be interspersed with relaxing mornings lounging on your boat’s sun-drenched deck or an afternoon playing cards. It is the perfect destination for a group of friends or family. In addition to all of these adventures, what I remember most, was the incredible desert backdrop, the comfortably warm water, and the night sky full of massive stars. Your Instagram feed will explode with Lake Powell’s turquoise-green waters, orange sandstone, and of course these thrilling adventures!

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Misha Gillingham
Misha Gillingham
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