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Living in the Round: Treebones Resort, Big Sur

TREEBONES RESORT: The good, The bad, and The ugly… see below!
LOCATION: The Southern tip of Big Sur, California
MUST DO: Check out the Human Nest, eat at the sushi restaurant at sunset.
WHEN TO GO? Late Spring or Summer


1. THE LOCATION. Perched on a cliff above the ocean, surrounded by lush green nature and spring flowers. Just heavenly.

view from yurt

Treebones Resort

Treebones Resort 2

Treebones Resort 1


2. STAYING IN A YURT = UNIQUE ADVENTURE! The Yurts are clean, warm and a lot larger then expected. Yurts 9 and 10 have the best ocean views. Yurt 10 has more privacy and a bigger patio but Yurt 9 has better coastal views. The yurts have electricity and running water for teeth brushing and face washing. The shared restrooms are a few steps away and are clean as well.

Yurt sink


Yurt 9 View

Treebones Yurt 2

Treebones yurt 3

Treebones morning

Treebones Yurt 1

3. WILD COST SUSHI BAR. Delicious and innovative sushi rolls, by the amazing chef Sarah in an intimate setting. Ocean views and glass walls are the main attraction. The restaurant only seats 10 so get there early!

Sushi roll

Treebones sushi 1

Treebones Sushi

Treebones Restaurant

4. THE HUMAN NEST: Such a fun little touch! But DO NOT book this to sleep in or you will have NO PRIVACY. People will wander up to the nest nonstop and want to take photos and get inside. Like me =)



in the nest


view from nest

human nest



1. The Propane Smell in our Yurt. It was there nonstop, and the staff didn’t seem to care at all, even after we asked them what could be done about it. My sister’s yurt had no smell, just ours. Hmmmmm….

2. Shared showers and toilets. This is all just part of the adventure. The restrooms are kept pretty clean.

3. No WiFi: I realize that when people travel to a place like Big Sur, they are probably trying to escape the craziness of everyday life and could use a break from their phones and devices. That being said, in this day and age, people can not just shut off from their emails and communications for days at a time. Especially people who have children or jobs that require them to stay connected. The Treebones Resort says they have WiFi in the main lodge, but it is limited per device. My device said I had reached my daily limit of WiFi when I had NOT USED ANY AT ALL. When I asked the front desk about this, they said there was nothing they could do. The next day my WiFi access allowed me to download 2 emails and then said I had reached my daily limit. So DO NOT EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO USE THE INTERNET.


1. There is POISON OAK EVERYWHERE. Be careful!

Poisen Oak

2. NO CELL SERVICE WHATSOEVER. For someone who has 2 children, this part really bothered me. I needed to be able to to call and check in on my kids, and I had no WiFi and no cell service. However, there is a pay phone that guzzles quarters by the minute.

3. No Hot Water!!!! I took a few cold showers. The water only gets luke-warm.

THE VERDICT? ALL IN ALL THIS WAS A GREAT TRIP! The good outweighs the bad by a mile! I just wanted to list the facts here so that people know what to expect.



Limekiln Beach
Enjoying a cheese plate on Limekiln Beach

Limekiln Waterfall
The Waterfall we hiked to at Limekiln

Big Sur Waterfall
McWay Falls


Misha Gillingham

Misha Mcway Falls

McWay Falls

Misha Big Sur
Near Sand Dollar Beach

Rock big sur

Big Sur

  • Krishni Arra


    Such a beautiful spot!! It does sound like the staff could be a little more responsive though!

    May 7, 2014
  • Abigail


    Hi Misha, I booked the nest to sleep in back sometime in 2009 or 10 and I had no issues with people walking over to our campsite where are nest is located. My experience of falling asleep to the sound of the Pacific Ocean and waking up to a beautiful view of it was breathtaking. I was just this week telling my good friend about the nest and wanted to experience it again, but now I’m concerned of your comment about people coming up to take a picture. That didn’t happen to me, but maybe it was because they noticed that there was camping gear near bye. Well I’m going to take my chances and I hope I am not bothered. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures.

    August 18, 2017

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