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As a private day trip with Zagreb Tours I got to explore Slovenia’s charming capital city of  Ljubljana.


To my surprise, it was picturesque and pristine. There is so much fascinating history to be learned about this place and how it came to be the political, cultural, economic, and educational center of Slovenia since winning its independence in 1991.



Throughout the city, I took notice of dragon sculptures depicted onto the facade of different buildings. My guide told me that the dragon is the symbol of the city and that it stands for power, courage, and greatness.





Touring the Ljubljana Castle enabled me to see some fantastic panoramic views from the tower at the top. This should not be missed!



However, my favorite thing about the city (no surprise here) is the food. The portions are large, but so delicious. Enjoying a Slovenian meal in Ljubljana is a must!

  • MM

    Looks like a wonderful country to see. Who ever hears about this as a travel destination? Thanks for the great pictures and tips!

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