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Luxury Beach Villa: Maldives

Stay in a Luxury Beach Villa: The Top 10 Destinations for Your Vacation

Hot off the press from the top 10 destinations to book a luxury beach villa

Staying in a luxury beach villa is an experience everyone should uncover at least once. Private infinity pools, breathtaking views and personal chefs are just some of many perks that these villas can offer. To get you started, I have compiled a list of my absolute favorite beach destinations.

Here are my top 10 favorite destinations to book a luxury beach villa:

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1. Turks & Caicos

The clear blue waters and white sand beaches in the Caribbean make this a must-stay spot. It’s also one of my absolute favorite winter destinations. Previously I wrote about the Amanyara Villas, which are housed in one of the most luxurious resorts in all of the Caribbean. Villas are also peppered along the coast offering completely private beaches. If you are looking to float in your infinity pool while “oohing and aahing” over the incredible views- then this is the destination for you! If you happen to venture outside the villa, head to Grace Beach. Here you can browse through boutique shops or enjoy some al fresco dining at Coco Bistro. If you are eager for some adventure, diving is an obvious choice. However, this destination is also great for paddle boarding and kayaking. For all you beginners, the calm bay waters make for a perfect learning environment!

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2. Bali

Many have a perception that Bali has beautiful white sand beaches sprinkled with palm trees and crystal clear turquoise waters. As beautiful as this destination is, the sand at most of the beaches in Bali is actually a greyish-black. This is due to active volcanos in the area. However, while they lack in the white sand department, they certainly make up for it with great surfing, swimming, and people watching. Plus, this beach destination comes with plenty of island-style adventures and lush jungles. Villa Mana is a wonderful jungle hideaway I stayed at, just a short drive from the beach. It’s perfectly placed in lush green rice fields with an incredible infinity pool. Looking for more? If you are seeking an adventure, head to Ubud Monkey Forest. Just make sure to watch your belongings, these monkeys definitely aren’t shy!

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3. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is famous for those postcard views of cliff sides peppered with vibrant pops of color. Although venturing through the towns and boutique shops is a must, staying in a luxury beach villa provides a completely different take on this coastline. This destination is home to numerous hidden beaches, like the beautiful beach of Duoglio. If you aren’t traveling by boat, be prepared to climb over 400 steps. Don’t worry, you will be rewarded with some of the clearest and brightest ocean waters in the Amalfi Coast. Still looking for more water activities? The Blue Grotto is a glowing underwater bucket list item! I stayed at Le Sirenuse– hands down, one of the most beautiful (and pricey) resorts in the entire world. Now I’m ready to experience this coastline by private villa!

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4. British Virgin Islands

Here is another destination set in the Caribbean’s stunning landscape. When you aren’t chartering between these beautiful islands, you’ll want to take some time to experience the laid-back ambiance of the British Virgin Islands. Many of this destination’s luxury beach villas are just steps from the beach. You can spend days alternating between your private pool and snorkeling in the turquoise blue ocean. Afterwards make sure to check out the Baths at Virgin Gorda. Massive volcanic boulders lie on the beach. Within these boulders are secret pools and caves just waiting to be uncovered. For more beach adventures charter to White Bay, located on the smallest island of Jost Van Dyke. Here are some of the most picturesque swimming spots with incredible snorkeling.

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5. Sumba Island

Sumba is another wonderful beach destination in Indonesia. It’s a lot less popular than the island of Bali – which may be a good thing if you’re looking for absolute tranquility. Although it’s only an hour from Bali, it feels like a piece of paradise that was left all for you! This destination is filled with waterfalls, hikes, and papaya trees. It’s a great choice for adventure lovers. Those white sand beaches you were missing in Bali are bountiful here on the island of Sumba. If you are looking for an award winning villa experience this destination has you covered!

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6. Fiji

The luxury beach villas at this destination take it one step further. Instead of being set on the white sand beaches, you are floating above the turquoise waters! Talk about a true luxurious experience when you can see those crystal clear waters through glass floors in your bedroom. Surprisingly, Fiji is actually made up of 333 island. Most of these are deserted, offering complete privacy. Yet each and every one will surround you with coral, a speckling of palm trees and the occasional dolphin sighting! If you are up for some heart-racing adrenaline spend the afternoon exploring the limestone caves of Sawa-i-Lau. Getting to the inner cave is only accessible by swimming underwater- but the beauty inside is more than worth it!

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7. Cabo

Mexico is a very popular destination for a lot of spring-break goers. However, this shouldn’t deter you from finding your private hideaway here amongst the countless beaches. Cabo is easy to get to from the US, and often the prices are a lot more affordable. Within the rugged landscape, you can stay in a luxury beach villa tucked right into cliff-sides. The views are unlike any other, with private pools overlooking the ocean from an incredibly high viewpoint. I stayed in Villa Bellissima and found it to be one of the most fantastic villas available in Cabo. There is no shortage of beach activities at this destination. Take some time to visit El Arco, one of Cabo’s famous landmarks. If you are lucky, every few years the tide changes and the beach emerges, creating a walkway underneath the arch.

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8. Thailand

This destination has so much to offer for every type of vacationer; vibrant nightlife, secluded beaches, diving, and even island hopping. Staying in a luxury beach villa at this destination means you truly can do it all. Stay in a private villa and charter to the hottest diving spots. Don’t worry about missing the popular nightlife in Phuket, depending on where you are staying, many villas are only a short boat ride away. It’s truly the best of both worlds! When you need a break from the beach waves, visiting an elephant sanctuary is a must! These amazing creatures are, after all, the country’s national symbol. Floating markets are another unusually great experience. Rickety boats are piled high with fresh, local produce- if anything, it’s definitely an Instagram-worthy shot!

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9. Maldives

Maldives is another famous destination known for overwater bungalows. The Maldives scenery looks as if it’s an airbrushed piece of art. Maldives is arguably the most beautiful beach destination on the planet. I stayed at Gili Lankanfushi and was drooling over their Private Reserve Villa, complete with a waterslide straight into the ocean. Other than the dreamy bungalows, many come to this destination for their incredible diving spots. Although the diving is second to none, there is so much more to uncover. Experience a hundred shades of blue by taking a scenic flight over the water. The islands also provide the perfect calm waters for paddle boarding. Finally, don’t leave these islands without a luxury beach massage!

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10. Zakynthos

Along the west coast of Greece lives a small group of islands known as the Ionians. Zakynthos is the third largest and the final must-stay luxury beach villa destination. This island is home to some of the most awe-inspiring coastline drives, towering landscapes and of course delicious Greek cuisine! You can drive from coast to coast within an hour and half. This makes for an exciting yet, achievable adventure. Plus, it leaves plenty of time for those lazy beach days! Navagio Beach is a postcard perfect beach you’ll need to see to believe. If you are looking to experience incredible island views, be ready to scale some cliffs. On another day, head to the more secluded Dafni Beach. Although it’s a little harder to get to, its privacy is a major perk! Also note that this beach is more rocks than sand. This is because it’s a turtle nest protected beach offering some incredibly cute views!

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