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Hot off the press from a luxury New York hotel: Baccarat Hotel

Planning a trip to New York City can be an overwhelming yet exhilarating rush. Plus, finding the perfect luxury hotel may seem impossible in the country’s most densely populated city. With a hotel on every corner, the competition to win your stay is fierce. Yet, standing out amongst the crowd, Baccarat Hotel takes home the award for the best luxury New York hotel.

Luxury New York Hotel
Luxury New York Hotel

Here is my experience staying at the Baccarat Hotel in New York City:

In a city covered in pavement, the Baccarat Hotel literally sparkles through the crowd of commuters. Before you even walk through the front door, you can see the entryway dripping in crystals. Most prominent, are the giant crystal chandeliers hanging overhead and throughout the hotel. Adding to the luxurious atmosphere, are over 15,000 pieces of crystal displayed throughout the hotel. Of those, an impressive 1,800 are marvelously displayed on the entrance room wall. This light fixture is made up of entirely of crystal glasses and makes for quite an interesting art installation.

The crystal motif can be see throughout the hotel. For example, the rugs have a chandelier pattern, and the menus have a Baccarat crystal imprint. One of the ceilings glimmers a shiny gold, as it is made up entirely of little crushed crystals. Every room in this luxury New York hotel will have you gawking with delight.

Luxury New York Hotel

The Rooms

As one would expect from a Baccarat branded hotel, the rooms do not disappoint. The ultimate French design team, Gilles & Boissier, formulated a plan to design the most luxurious 114 guestrooms in all of New York City. The combination of wood and steel furniture creates a modern yet chic environment. You can also rest assured that these rooms will sparkle like the rest of the hotel. The mini bar is stocked with an array of Baccarat crystal cocktail glasses, and the bathroom is complete with Baccarat crystal glasses to rinse out your mouth. Additionally, there are plush cashmere throws and fine Italian linens draping over the four post bed.

An expert hotel tip: first, press the beautifully clever champagne button on your bedside tablet. Second, relax on the luxurious ivory linens and cashmere throws. Finally, that wondrous chilled bottle of champagne is delivered to your room with crystal flutes. This is the definition of what a luxury New York hotel should be! They even provide a touch screen phone as a control center for the room.

Luxury New York Hotel

The Bar

What goes better with crystal than only the finest selection of hand-crafted cocktails? The colors, patterns and materials are so perfectly tied together. You won’t know which to admire first! Including crimson velvet walls and leather chairs. Plus, black and white checkered floor tiles and barrel-vaulted ceilings. However, it’s obvious that the chandeliers are the main focal point of this bar. Dripping along the bar top, it’s hard not to stare at this swanky piece of art. Finally, to seal the deal, this lively 60ft bar is overlooking an elegant French-style terrace.

Luxury New York Hotel

The Grand Salon

After you’ve completed your stroll through the lobby, make your way to the second floor. Get ready, because hotel breakfasts will never be the same. Nibble on some French pastries served from crystal tiered platters and gaze at the glass casings of Baccarat’s most special pieces. Whether it’s a light lunch, afternoon tea or evening cocktail, the Grand Salon will impress at any time of the day. Plus, don’t forget to stop and smell the massive arrangements of roses! Lastly, there is a collection of albums, doubling as the hotel’s guestbook. 253 leather-bound books are labeled by year. If you pick up year 1982, you will see a little note I left after my stay!

Luxury New York Hotel

The Baccarat Hotel offers the perfect formula of sexy upscale ambience and chic design. In my opinion, this hotel is the best in New York City. Instantly, I fell head over heels in love- but who wouldn’t with this much glitz and glamour packed into a city corner?

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Baccarat Hotel, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always, my own.

Misha Gillingham
Misha Gillingham
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