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Luxury Spa Getaways

The Best Luxury Spa Getaways Around the World

Hot off the press from the spa: 6 of the Best Luxury Spa Getaways Around the World
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Sometimes we just need to escape the stresses of everyday life. Indulging in a luxury spa getaway can be the perfect remedy. There’s nothing like that languid feeling of an aromatherapy massage or brightening facial. What a dream it would be to dedicate a vacation solely to relaxing spa treatments! Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be just a dream. Below, I’ve outlined the world’s most outstanding spas. In other words, the “WOW” factors are off the charts! In the meantime, consider yourself warned because you may never want to leave.

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1. Six Senses Yao Noi Thailand

An oasis of lush tropical gardens surrounds the Spa at Six Senses Yao Noi Thailand. The thatched roof structures nestled into the hillside appear to be pulled straight out of a dream. Lilypad ponds and mini waterfalls envelope the treatment rooms and the sound of crashing waves can be heard in the distance. This heavenly property is the ultimate setting for a luxury spa getaway. 

The main structure is modeled after a typical Northern Thai home. It is divided into four treatment rooms. Each treatment room has impressive floor to ceiling windows. As you relax, you can gaze through the windows at the natural beauty of the Thai jungle. In every direction you will see vibrant greens accented by little red blooms. As you may have put together, this is an intimate experience with nature.

The spa at Six Senses Yai Noi offers wellness programs that promote inner well-being. In fact, the spa therapists infuse each luxury spa experience with four key elements: earth, fire, air and water. Furthermore, this spa solely uses sustainably and ethically sourced products, perfectly fitting with the theme of this eco-friendly resort.

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2. Amangiri, Utah

An intimate refuge of modern tranquility arises from the vast sands of the Utah desert. Amangiri exudes serenity with its clean lines and neutral color palette. Not only is the Amangiri spa experience a relaxing one, but it’s also a spiritual one. By and large, this is because the property utilizes a blend of earth, wind, fire, and water as its inspiration. Interestingly enough, this ritual with nature follows the local Navajo healing traditions. 

The sleek and expansive space at Amangiri covers over 25,000 square feet. Its treatment rooms and relaxing terraces radiate a powerful desert energy that urges health and rejuvenation. Wellness coaches are available to craft personalized fitness plans. Furthermore, there’s a sunken step pool, encased by desert rock.  It is lit by terraced lanterns and overlooks the calming and vast landscape. This is an idyllic luxury spa getaway and a prime spot to absorb the serene beauty of the area. 

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3. Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samui

Stop, Breathe, Relax. The spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui encourages guests to leave their worries at the door. A stone pathway through the tropical gardens leads the way to the Enchanted Garden Spa. Bamboo shoots and elegant palms frame the entrance. Guests can choose an indoor or outdoor massage bed; both of which are surrounded by dense jungle greenery. Plus, you’ll be happy to learn that each massage is in its own private escape.

To start, treatments begin with a cleansing foot scrub. These custom scrubs are comprised of herbal mixtures which are derived from the resort’s own garden. The Enchanted Garden Spa succeeds in producing tranquility through elements of nature. Given the abundance of coconut in the region it is no surprise that many of its healing properties are incorporated into various spa treatments.

Afterwards, you can select a detox in your private steam room. Then, cool off with a refreshing outdoor shower.  Undoubtedly, this one of my favorite spa experiences to date! It is a true luxury spa getaway. Additionally, it is perfect for a romantic weekend with your significant other due to the fact that there are numerous menu options available for two.

First, guests can choose an indoor or outdoor private massage bed. You will find yourself surrounded by dense jungle greenery both inside and out. Each massage room is its own private escape. Next, select a detox in your private steam room. Afterwards, cool off with a refreshing outdoor shower. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite spa experiences to date! It is a true luxury spa getaway. Additionally, it is perfect for a romantic weekend with your significant other. There are numerous menu options available for two.

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4. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

It’s no doubt that occasionally we need to rest, refocus, and rejuvenate. This next destination in Switzerland certainly deserves a spot on this list of top luxury spa getaways. Enter Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland. In essence, it is almost entirely devoted to health and wellness. Not to mention, it’s also Europe’s leading medical health resort. Moreover, the mountain views are to die for. 

This resort’s greatest asset is its mineral-rich thermal water which springs from the Tamina Gorge. These thermal baths encourage you to soak and replenish depleted energies. In addition to the thermal waters, guests can choose from numerous wellness programs. In fact, each are packaged according to your personalized wellness goals. One of these programs focuses on strengthening your immune system with “Body Adaption”. Meanwhile, another focuses on regaining internal balance through “Body in Balance”. This is a series of hydrotherapeutic stimuli. In other words, it is an artful balance of alternating time between the thermal bathes and the sauna. Furthermore, for those choosing to take treatments to the next level, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries are available. Not to mention, you’ll recover in one of Switzerland’s most luxurious accommodations.

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5. Nihioka at Nihiwatu Sumba Island 

Next, this truly unique luxury spa getaway is tucked away on a secluded Indonesian island. Nihioka at Nihiwatu Sumba Island crafts a delightful experience with their “Spa Safari”. If you think spa and safari are separate categories– try again! Ultimately, this spa experience is like no other. To start, the spa safari begins with a 90 minute trek across Sumba’s west coast. Along the way, tropical foliage surrounds the path. Continuing on, guests can listen to the Indian Ocean’s crashing waves. Next, the view will open to a secluded valley. It is no surprise that this area draws avid surfers with its impressive swells. Plus, if you’re lucky, gentle jungle critters may stop and say hello along your trek. Not up for the hike? Don’t worry, the resort will arrange an open-air safari vehicle to transport you to the spa facilities. 

Once you arrive, the real deal starts. This is because spa safari guests can enjoy unlimited spa treatments all day in the privacy of their own spa cabana! Plus, did I mention each spa cabana overlooks the ocean? All in all, the morning yoga, fresh coconuts, and skilled therapists makes this day one you’ll never forget. 

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6. Four Seasons Tented Camp Thailand

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Four Seasons Tented Camp. This elephant themed property is located in Northern Thailand, inside of the Golden Triangle. This is in fact, the place where the countries of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos meet.

No doubt, the Four Seasons Tented Camp is a fitting spot for a luxury spa getaway. How about a massage amongst the treetops of a bamboo jungle? Because of their 0pen-air treatment rooms that soar above the trees, this is entirely possible! Plus, antique wooden bathtubs with jungle views await a soothing soak. In addition, waterfalls and elephants can be seen in the distance. 

The Golden Triangle Spa offers a menu of unique therapies. For example, the Amethyst Wrap is a treatment inspired by the neighboring countries of Laos and Myanmar. Copious amounts of amethyst are mined in those regions. In fact, this beautiful quartz is used in the Amethyst Wrap to draw toxins from the skin. Also, it promotes vitality and purifies the skin by boosting the lymphatic system. Your heart will be delighted by this luxury spa getaway, and if you’re lucky you may just get to feed the elephants.

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Whether you are traveling solo or with a partner, a luxury spa getaway is the perfect theme for your next vacation. Hopefully, one of these getaways will provide the perfect destination for you to relax and rejuvenate. The key to balance lies in self-nourishment and I guarantee it can be found at any and all of these fabulous spas!

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