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Hot off the press from San Diego, California
Materia City Bike Grace

Back in March I took the Materia Bikes Beach Cruiser out on Coronado Island. It got a ton of interest due to its uniqueness.

 Now I get to ride the next bike in the family – the City Bike Grace!

Materia bike detail

This bike is stunning! It is hand crafted in redwood with ash accents. It features leather grips and a leather saddle from Brooks in England. The redwood frame on City Bike Grace is finished with five layers of marine varnish so the wood won’t fade or degrade in any manner. Even better, Materia Bikes stands behind their products with a five year warranty on the wood frame.

Materia Bike Grace

The Materia beach cruiser turned heads on the sand, while this bike is a head turner when you ride through the city! Cycling is a healthy sport we can all do, and riding a work of art like City Bike Grace makes it fun, stylish, and luxurious!

Materia bike details

Materia Bikes has recently brought these bikes to market in North America and they offer many different options. Last month I showed you the beach cruiser, this month a city bike, and soon I hope to show you the the edgy fixie, and the road bike! You can find out more about the bikes, including pricing here and use this registration code MBSD2017 to enter the digital showroom.

Materia Bike Grace

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Materia Bikes, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always, my own.

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