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Norman Island is a 610 acre privately owned  and uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands. It offers no lodging, however it is a great spot for boaters to visit as a day trip from neighboring islands.  It boasts great snorkeling and scuba diving and is said to have buried treasure hidden around it’s popular snorkeling caves. There is a lovely beach with calm clear water directly in front of Norman Island’s only beach bar & restaurant, Pirate’s  Bight.


Pirates Bight is a bar, restaurant, and gift shop on Norman Island. It was recently rebuilt and re-opened in 2014. The restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty West Indian fare and a huge list of specialty cocktails. Decor is light, modern, and coastal with a caribbean flare. A calm, glassy, swimming beach sits directly in front and has a full service area with lounge chairs, towels, and food servers. Wednesday through Saturday nights you can get your groove on with live music starting at 8pm.



Like most of the Caribbean, late September through early May is the best time to visit. June, July, and August are hurricane season.


You’ll have to boat in to Norman Island. The closest resorts are on the neighboring islands of St. John or Peter.

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