Treehouse in Taznania, lake manyara safari

Hi, I’m Misha. Welcome to my luxury wilderness travel blog.

I seek out intimate luxury travel experiences that provide guests with a deep connection to nature. Whether it be a wilderness lodge, wildlife safari, guest ranch, or farm stay, I will show you the best that each outdoor-focused destination has to offer.

Once in a Lifetime: Horses and History

We rode horses into the quiet desert sunset until we arrived at a large rock formation. Using a rope, We climbed to the top of the rock and found ourselves in a sandy little plateau known as “The Raven’s Nest”. With a bonfire burning and candles everywhere, we couldn’t believe that all of this was here just for us. Under the bright desert stars a private chef cooked our dinner over the fire. We were served wine while our guide serenaded us with the Native American flute. An old Navajo man and his 2 grandsons from the Navajo “Dine” Tribe (pronounced Din-nay) gave us a private Native American dance presentation and told us all about their people. This was truly one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had- one that my words can never fully describe.

The horses and history dinner can be booked through the Amangiri resort in Southern Utah.

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