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PORTLAND DAY TRIP IDEA: Need some fresh air and a little break from the city? Less then an hour’s drive outside of Portland, Oregon, are two majestic waterfalls called Multnomah Falls and Wakeena Falls. These two cascading waterfalls are just down the street from one another, so if you are going to check out one, you may as well check out the other, as they are both equally beautiful.


We did Wahkeena falls first, which started out as a hike that zigzags up a hillside. The waterfall is very close to the beginning of the trail and is especially unique because it jets off of the mountain right above a bridge which you can stand on and feel the mist of the fall. If you keep hiking up for about 15 more minutes, you will reach a promontory with a nice view of the land below.



Multnomah Falls is a lot larger then Wahkeena Falls, but offers no hiking. It is a fantastic sight to see and is easily accessible from the road. Like most tourist attractions, this one can get crowded, so go in the early morning!




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