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A description from “DeluxeFX is more than just an app because it can produce the same effects that big and expensive desktop-class softwares can do. The filters are completely designed and generated on desktop computers with powerful image editing softwares like Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom. You can download our filters and they’ll work seamlessly on your desktop computer too (you need Photoshop CS6 or above). “

*images from the Instagram gallery of @deluxefx

I recently discovered DeluxeFX on Instagram and was immediately drawn to it because I’m a huge fan of vibrant colors. I downloaded the app and went to work on some of my images. I went through each of the 77 filters which are categorized into 6 different sections:

  • Main – 26 filters similar to those found on Instagram
  • Matte City – 16 matte filters for cityscapes
  • Neo Vintage – 11 vintage-style filters
  • Self Portrait – 15 filters for selfies
  • Featured Artist – 13 filters by artists C. Burkard, E. Khalis (my personal favorite), Izkiz, K. June, & M. Theiss
  • False Color – 6 filters which change the colors of  the objects in photos

In addition to these filters, DeluxeFX offers 5 sections of photo overlays:

  • Bokeh – 13 different sparkly Bokeh overlays
  • Lightleaks – 9 different lense flare effects
  • Sunset – 24 different sunset overlays that add a color pop to your images (a personal favorite)
  • Other Overlays – 19 different looks including my favorites: snow, fog, & purple sky
  • Space – 9 space overlays that add stars or a moon to your photos

The app also features basic editing tools such as clarity, exposure, saturation, contrast, temp, tint, shadows & highlights, shadows color tint,  & highlights color tint.


DeluxeFX offers unique filters and overlays for just about any style of photo editing. It is very user friendly and more than worth the $0.99 I paid for it. I personally love vibrant colors and use DeluxeFX on Instagram to give my photos more life. I’m not usually a big fan of filters because I don’t do much in the way of the vintage photo look, but in this case the overlays are a ton of fun for me to work with. My favorite being the sunset overlay. Mixing the overlays and filters together can really allow you to get creative and finish up with an attention grabbing image. See my example below. I used the false color filter 8 combined with the sunset 22 overlay, the white vignette, and then snow overlay. I took my image from summer to winter in less than 2 minutes.


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