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Intimate Luxury Cruises Around the World: Discover Ponant

Hot off the press: Intimate luxury cruises around the world
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Dreaming of life aboard a 5-star luxury cruise? I’m not talking about a huge crowded ship full of people at every turn. I’m talking about a truly authentic and sophisticated intimate travel experience. With the very best service and expeditions imaginable. Let me introduce you to Ponant luxury cruises.

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Photo by Philip Plisson for Ponant

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Ponant is one of the world’s premier luxury cruise lines, boasting the prestigious Travel+Leisure World’s best award of 2018 for “Best Ocean Cruise Line with Mid-sized Ships.” Ponant offers extraordinary luxury cruises in endless locations around the world. They are a true leader in creating the most unique and memorable experiences for travelers. If the majestic oceans of our world really do hold all of the secrets, how better to explore them than upon these magical seas? Ponant does it oh so well!

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Oh, The Places You Will Go

Looking to experience a one-of-a-kind tropical cruise through the Pacific? Or maybe a picturesque luxury cruise through the stunning backdrops of Europe? Perhaps you are hoping to explore parts of Africa or South America, or even discover the incredible sights of Antarctica? Ponant luxury cruises offers destinations you may have never even imagined possible on a true 5-star ship. Explorers can choose from options in their luxury cruise finder like: Africa, Alaska, Antarctica, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, North America, Northern Europe, Russia, The Pacific and Oceania, The Arctic, The Adriatic and The Mediterranean. There is truly a cruise for everyone and for every type of adventure.

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A Fleet of Beauties

Ponant is comprised of an elite group of Mid-sized ships. Each one absolutely magnificent, full of all things luxury. Le Ponant is a three-mast yacht with just 32 cabins, allowing an intimate and friendly cruising atmosphere. Le Boréal, L’Austral and Le Soléal, three luxurious sister-ships with 132 cabins, feature understated and refined exterior and interior decor. The fourth and newest of the sister-ships, Le Lyrial, offers 122 cabins and a beautiful luxury setting. Ponant has most recently started the process of introducing 6 new phenomenal ships to the existing fleet, dubbed the Ponant Explorers. Le Lapérouse and Le Champlain will join the fleet in 2018, Le Bougainville and Le Dumont-d’Urville in 2019, followed by Le Surville and Le Bellot in 2020. Each of Ponant’s new ships will fall in line with their philosophy, offering limited guest capacity, sleek design, cutting-edge technology and respect for the environment. Last and certainly not least, is the anticipated Le Ponant Icebreaker, expected to start cruises in 2021. This unrivaled ship will be the world’s first ever luxury icebreaker cruise ship. This type of ship allows for travels in the far extremes of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Now that sounds like a cruise worth being on!

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Photo by N. Matheus for Ponant

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The Creme de la Creme of Luxury Cruises

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Every one of the aforementioned ships provide quality 5-star service and what Ponant likes to refer to as the “French Touch”. The French Touch means, above all, a French crew to welcome you and ensure your comfort and well-being throughout your luxury cruise. Your experience aboard one of the Ponant vessels will be nothing short of premium, 5-star service and amenities. You will enjoy a unique travel experience that is both authentic and refined.

As an essential element of French culture, gastronomy is naturally a priority. Fresh ingredients and refined dishes are to be a staple on your luxury cruise. The talented chefs take great pride in the outstanding cuisines they prepare for guests. Meals will be accompanied by a selection of cheese and wine presented by expert sommeliers. Many of the ships feature multiple restaurants at which to dine. Usually, there is a fine dining option, as well as a more relaxed setting at the Grill Restaurant. To be sure that every guest’s tastes and dietary restrictions are catered to, special menus can most certainly be created upon request.

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Photo by Servane Roy-Berton for Ponant

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The Luxury Amenities That Dreams are Made of

Each ship offers similar amenities. Most of them feature a top tier well-being center, boasting an on-board spa. Think massage rooms, a hammam, hair salon and fitness center – all with panoramic ocean views. Relaxation certainly won’t be of any shortage! The ships are blessed with a gorgeous sun deck, and most of them offer a heated saltwater pool. A variety of lounges and bars can be found throughout the fleet of these luxury cruise ships, allowing guests to socialize and have more lively communal areas to enjoy. Leisure areas with kids clubs, libraries and computers with Wi-Fi are also available on most of the ships. Guests can visit the on-board theatres to experience lectures, naturalist talks and guest experts as well as enjoy various shows, musical performances and film screenings. Needless to say, your time aboard one of the Ponant luxury cruises will be a perfect balance of relaxation and exciting adventures. It doesn’t get much better than combining extraordinary nature and luxury travel.

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Conclusion: Ponant Luxury Cruises

Each of the magnificent cruises offered through Ponant allow a different type of adventure, location and ship. However, all of the luxury cruises, no matter which one, will be a premium 5-star experience, with top tier service, food and amenities. Ponant caters to single travelers, groups of friends, families, couples and professionals alike. Whether you seek a more relaxing cruise or a more discovery-based journey, Ponant will far surpass your wildest dreams! With cruises in all corners of the earth, there is truly an adventure for everyone.

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Photo by Ponant


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