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Resort Report: Aman Sveti Stefan

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My Aman Sveti Stefan Experience

Emerald seas and pink sand beaches surround the private island that houses the Aman Sveti Stefan, which is connected to the mainland by a large walking bridge. I was first greeted by the Aman staff who took my bags and explained to me that the island used to be an old fishing village and now the entire island is owned by the resort. Orange rooftops and stone structures filled the 12,400 sq. meter piece of land from edge to edge. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I also learned that the resort extended beyond the island to the property and beaches surrounding it, including Villa Milocer and Queen’s Beach. I could not wait to get settled and go explore.


The tiny landmass that makes up the islet consisted mostly of stone pathways and old housing structures (renovated into guest rooms) and a few authentic old churches. The outer shell was similar to that of a castle, lined with small peepholes, which drew my eyes directly towards the beckoning beaches behind them. Ivy grew up the walls and old artifacts were set in different places throughout the grounds of Aman Sveti Stefan. One thing I learned quickly was how easy it was to get lost. But that was part of the fun. There was something new to discover around every turn.



I set out to find the Aman Sveti Stefan signature restaurant and when I did…OH. MY. I don’t think it’s possible to come up on such beauty without a loud gasp. There are some spots in the world that are just so striking that one could never even dream them up. This was a true feast for the eyes, a precious Mediterranean gem.




Truffle mashed potatoes, a burrata and tomato salad, and some grilled veggies later- I had had my fill of delectable, fresh food…but I knew I would still be hungry for the divine view that sat in front of me. I had serious plans to return to the Aman Sveti Stefan Signature Restaurant for my breakfast the next morning, and I did just that.




A morning run is one of my favorite ways to explore a new place. I woke up early the next day and ran off of the island, past all of Aman Sveti Stefan properties and beaches, towards a very charming little beach town called Przno. This town made me smile from ear to ear. Every shop and restaurant had a nautical theme and went to great lengths to make their place unique and welcoming. As I ran by, the owner of a cute little restaurant offered me free mimosas-and after my run I agreed that this was a great idea!




The day soon brought me to one of Aman’s private beaches in front of Villa Milocer, (one of their properties off the island). The villa was gorgeous and grand and I decided this would be my spot for the day. I spread out a towel to claim my chaise and went for a dip in the warm, clear, Mediterranean Sea. This was my heaven for the next 6 hours.






The evening was setting in and I needed to retreat from the sun. I went straight to the spa, which was quite luxurious. Located in its own separate villa with yet another private beach, which is called Queen’s Beach because it used to be that only the queen swam in this water. You can imagine how beautiful it must be if the queen claimed it as her own! The thought of saying goodbye to this place made me nostalgic before I even left. I guess I will just have to return someday!




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