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 My Shangri-La Paris Experience

Shangri La Paris Rooftop

I checked in at sunset and went straight up to the Shangri-La Suite to experience the view that brought me to this hotel.


After entering a very dimly lit designer suite I was escorted out to the small, intimate patio where a champagne bar had been set up. Hot pink and purple mood lights set the ambiance as they reflected off of the white furniture. It felt so exclusive and private. There were only about 6 sofas in total, and each one had to be reserved in advance by a hotel guest. 


I ordered a glass of their cheapest champagne, which was 75 Euros per glass, gulp! Then allowed myself to set my sights on the massive Eiffel Tower which was staring me in the face in all its glory! 


Each hour the tower sparkles with lights and people can be heard cheering all over the streets. It really is a spectacular sight!


I looked behind me and noticed a bedroom and found out that where I was sitting was actually part of a penthouse suite that when not booked out, is transformed into a champagne bar. I decided to take a little tour of the room. I was informed that the Shangri-La Suite can be privately booked starting at 20 thousand Euros per night. Double gulp!


The rest of the hotel was wonderful and I found the beds to be super comfortable, but the main reason I booked this hotel was for the fabulous views and it did not disappoint! 



  • maria lovo

    you have to stay in the hotel to go to the roof top or anyone can get in?

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