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Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Hot off the press from the highest hotel in the world, the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.
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At 1,608 feet high, the views from the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong were like nothing I’d ever seen before. Standing in my suite, staring 116 floors down to the city below was both thrilling and spectacular. The hotel property begins at the 102nd floor of the International Commerce Centre, making it an adventurous yet ultra-luxurious choice of accommodation.


For whatever reason, Hong Kong was never really a place I thought too much about visiting. I guess I assumed it was just another big city. I was on my way to Thailand and my flight schedule had me stopping in Hong Kong for a night. So I thought I’d research things to do there. I ended up changing my one night stopover to a four night stopover. I am so glad I did. Hong Kong is NOT just another big city. It is so unique, so beautiful, and offers endless adventures. As far as big cities go, this one could be my favorite.

When I arrived at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, I was immediately escorted up to the VIP check in area at the club lounge on the 116th floor. My jaw almost hit the designer carpet as I gaped at the expansive views over Victoria Harbor and beyond. I was being checked into the hotel by the friendly staff whilst sitting at a table next to the alpha cityscape of all cityscapes. The panoramic scene went on and on and on. I was promptly served an “afternoon tea snack” which was actually a whole double-tiered tray full of decadent desserts and mini sandwiches. Goodbye healthy diet! But the eating didn’t stop there. When I got to my suite, there was a beautiful spread of macaroons and a framed photo of my family waiting for me. Now that’s service!!!

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The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is a destination in and of itself. Not only does it sit on top of a giant shopping center, but it also has multiple Michelin star dining options, an indoor pool, a lavish spa, fabulous decor, and a rooftop nightclub with views views views! The service was like nothing I’ve experienced before. The entire staff had memorized my name and my schedule – and not one person had passed me  by without a, “Hello Mrs. Gillingham”. I could have been happy never leaving the property. But then I would have missed all of the exciting things Hong Kong has to offer.

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Wine & Dine

Whenever I visit a big city, one of my favorite things to do is check out some of the hottest restaurants and lounges. I did not need to go far as the options inside of the Ritz were all the rave. Tosca, their ultra chic Michelin star Italian restaurant overlooks Victoria Harbor and serves up some seriously delicious cuisine. There’s also the Cantonese restaurant, Tin Lung Heen which serves traditional Dim Sum and a premium variety of teas. This two Michelin star dining option is open for lunch and dinner and offers a six-course degustation menu.  If you’re into caviar – you’ll love Almas Caviar Bar boasting a selection of the worlds finest. After dinner, head over to the lounge for some live music, or to Ozone – a trendy hotspot and the highest bar in the world. Ozone is on the very top floor and has a DJ, full bar, tapas, and sushi.

Activities and Sightseeing

Hong Kong has so much to do that this part really requires its own post. However I will do a quick list of my favorites.

  1. Victoria Peak – for views
  2. Tian Tan Buddha – the giant Buddha Monument
  3. Art Basel (once per year) – fabulous art show
  4. Dragon’s Back – hiking with views
  5. Sai Kung – Seafood, beaches
  6. Lamma Island – authentic Hong Kong, tranquil, with natural scenery
  7. Tai O – old fishing village with stilt houses
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Travel Tips 
  • If you want the best view, book a room that overlooks Victoria Harbor
  • Hong Kong is a year-round destination but the weather is best between October and February.  (summers are hot, humid, and rainy)
  • If you are afraid of heights this is not the hotel for you
  • Be prepared to take a taxi from the hotel to wherever you want to go, because it is not in convenient walking distance to many places.
  • The Presidential suite looks insane! I love the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong! Great review!

    June 16, 2016
  • Matthew Latsha

    WOW MISHA, I’M IMPRESSED!!! We always stay at the Ritz. I too never thought about Hong-Kong, but now it’s definitely on my list!!! You make everything look so perfect!!! I’m sure for your husband & Kidos, their lives are pretty perfect because of You!!! God Bless You!!!

    June 16, 2016
  • Nila Hollingsworth

    What incredible photos!!! Looks like that’s definitely the spot to stay in Hong Kong!

    June 16, 2016
  • EVH

    Holy smokes! Add this to my bucket list!

    June 16, 2016

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