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Romantic Anniversary Getaway

The Top 5 Most Romantic Anniversary Getaway Destinations

Hot off the press: The Most Romantic Anniversary Getaway Destinations
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Each year, my husband and I look forward to planning the details of our romantic anniversary getaway together. We’ve had the pleasure of visiting countless dazzling destinations with one another. However, several places stand out as my favorites for this type of trip. 

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Here are my top 5 romantic anniversary getaway destinations:


I’ll never forget the first time I ascended the curving roads of the Amalfi Coast. The first thing I noticed was the sweet fragrance in the air of blossoming lemon trees. I was immediately rendered speechless by the complex beauty of the landscape. Italy could be considered the birthplace of romance.  The language, the wine, and the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet are beautifully intertwined here. This destination, without a doubt, will to set the perfect mood for your romantic anniversary getaway.

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The Amalfi Coast is famous for its biting limoncello beverages. These delicious drinks offer the perfect contrast to the sweet memories you’re sure to create. While sipping, gaze upon the beautiful cliff-side homes that are sprinkled upon the mountain face in dessert-colored pastels. You’ll also notice the bountiful wild flowers contagiously spread throughout the landscape. These intense pops of color are blanketed along the coastline creating a vibrant and romantic atmosphere. 

A hotel experience sure to awaken all of your senses, lies within the walls of Le Sirenuse. This hotel adorns the mountainside that peers over the city of Positano. The most romantic spot at this hotel, can be found at the hotel vista balcony as each overlook the sea. If you weren’t enamored when you arrived, you will be once you set foot in Le Sirenuse! 

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Romance permeates the atmosphere with delectable pours of champagne and oysters at the hotel’s signature bar.

You and your partner will fall in love all over again as you dine under the soft light of hundreds of candles in the hotel’s restaurant La Sponda. Green vines creep up the walls of the restaurant, and frame the perfect outlook over the Mediterranean. Reaffirm your love on a romantic anniversary getaway on this Italian coast.


What could be better than romance in a tropical island destination? The lull of soft warm waves paired with sweet balmy breezes sets the stage for love in my book. One of my favorite tropical spots is undoubtedly Turks and Caicos. For the adventurous romantics, these turquoise waters provide an enticing array of water sports. On the other hand, this white-sand shore is also ideal for a languorous afternoon with your favorite novel.

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Spend your romantic anniversary getaway in the luxe atmosphere of the Amanyara Villas. This private resort offers the ultimate luxury experience for your sweet escape. Lounge poolside, at a semi-private infinity pool and reminisce on the romantic memories. As the sun fades, the patio villas at this resort provide some of the most incredible sunsets. If you are looking for a romantic dinner spot, look no further than the resort’s private beach. Your Amanyara chef can cook up tasty creations prepared specifically to your liking. The best part about this getaway spot is that Turks and Caicos has great weather year-round. No matter when your anniversary falls, you’ll have a perfect destination in mind.

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Oh, wine country–how I love you so! I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I am a wine connoisseur, but I love to explore the vineyards of Napa Valley. I especially love to sample vintage varietals with my husband. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic anniversary getaway.

Of course, the region is world-renown for it’s impeccable wines, but it’s also home to a number of luxurious spas. If a day of relaxation appeals you and your significant other, consider enjoying the day at Spa Solange.  Mineral-rich mud baths, geothermal pools, and a crystal glass of wine will create the perfect romantic setting. Afterwards, enjoy lunch at the Michelin-starred restaurant Solbar. Finally, end your afternoon by retiring to a poolside cabana.

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Anniversaries are great for reconnecting with your partner, and I love the privacy that Calistoga Ranch provides. This Auberge Resort in northern Napa presents you with their finest amenities. Are you up for a little drive? Cruise through the area’s vineyards in a Mercedes Benz lent by the hotel. Or spend an afternoon browsing the options in the resort’s wine cave. You’ll be quite content in their private lodges. Each lodge is complete with a feature fireplace, an outdoor rain shower, and floor to ceiling windows.

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You and your beloved will feel giddy with excitement as you descend over the sparkling waters of the Maldives. A collection of coral islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a lovely choice for your romantic anniversary getaway. The nation’s natural beauty is complimented by the kindness of the locals. Bask in the sun’s rays and warm your heart as you float atop the placid sea. Maldives are home to many reefs, and present ideal spots for snorkeling.

Your honey will thank you for the romantic anniversary getaway of a lifetime!

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I’d recommend a villa set over the water so you don’t miss a moment of the glittering ocean. A lovely option is the Gili Lankanfushi Resort. The Eco-friendly property is situated just 20 minutes via boat from the capital of Male, and relatively easy to get to.  Your honey will thank you for the romantic anniversary getaway of a lifetime when you reserve a private table on the beach for a romantic dinner for two!

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The stunning blue Lake Louise is a great destination for some alone time with your sweetheart. If you’re an outdoorsy couple, you’ll find some of Canada’s best hiking trails in Banff National Park. To get an en even more breathtaking perspective of this lake, take a canoe trip. Here, you’ll feel as if you are floating above the rocks through the crystal clear waters. I loved my time in Alberta! I’m certain you’ll be dazzled by the Canadian Rockies standing guard over the turquoise waters of Lake Louise.

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When it comes to accommodations, make sure to stay at Fairmont Chateau. Romance comes alive at this majestic mountain lodge! Fairmont Chateau provides a luxurious and cozy ambiance for your romantic anniversary getaway.  The Canadian estate has hosted alpine enthusiasts for over 100 years! Mountain charm and exclusive touches create the perfect retreat for your anniversary celebration. If you are craving some adventure, you can find countless ways to bask in the great outdoors.

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Just imagining all these romantic destinations has me excited to plan our next anniversary getaway. These celebratory trips are some of the most memorable weeks of our relationship. Hopefully, these suggestions help to outline your next upcoming anniversary! And don’t forget to share your own romantic anniversary getaway spots. Comment below and let me know which spots are your favorite!

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