Treehouse in Taznania, lake manyara safari

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I seek out intimate luxury travel experiences that provide guests with a deep connection to nature. Whether it be a wilderness lodge, wildlife safari, guest ranch, or farm stay, I will show you the best that each outdoor-focused destination has to offer.

4th of July Beach Getaway

Seattle to Victoria by Floatplane

Originally booked as a mode of transportation, I was not expecting to get so much visual delight out of this one hour international float plane flight. I was heading from Seattle to Victoria, BC and Kenmore Air offered a quick and easy route. But once I saw the tiny plane sitting on the water on these gigantic floats I couldn’t help but get excited. I had never taken flight in a place that could take off and land on water. The plane flew at a low altitude which made the views close-up and intense. As far as the eye could see were bright, plush, green islands, and water that was fifty shades of blue. Seattle? More like Hawaii if you ask me!

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