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Hot off the press from Singita Pamushana, a luxury safari lodge in Zimbabwe.

Singita Pamushana is a luxury safari lodge that sits on Zimbabwe’s private 130,000  acre Malilangwe Reserve. The lodge is perched high up on hill with marvelous views over the lake and surrounding wilderness area. It is built with thick walls and thatched roofs, reminiscent of the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The interiors feature vivid colors, patterns, and intricate tile work throughout. Singita Pamushana is comprised of six (gigantic) suites and a five bedroom villa, each with their own private plunge pool. All meals and beverages are made to order, and are included in your stay. The property boasts two beautiful main pools, a fitness center, and a spa.  All proceeds from the lodge benefit conservation efforts and community development programs.

Singita, Place of Miracles: A Poem

Untamed playground, ferocious place. You feed my longing with your wild embrace. I intrude on your land: heat, dust and bone. You intrude on my barrier, my comfort zone. Admiration qualm, trepidation beyond. Respect Mother Nature, creations so fond. Try to be brave, boundaries unbound. Opposite the Baobab root firm in the ground.

Singita Pamushana safari

Five senses buzzing, heart in overdrive. Cartwheeling my mind, soul so alive.Witnessing miracles, the circle of life. Through thick and thorn, every turn a surprise. Pounding my heart and the ground below. Waltz of the elephant so vociferously slow.

Hyenas, painted dogs fight for fresh kill. Clawing in combat to get their fill. Kudu, Nyala, then spy the big five. Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, the bush is alive! Antelope too are the little six, Skittish Steenbok, like a cat on hot bricks.

Massive fanged alpha with many a queen. Four hundred pounds of killing machine. He walks and they run, King of the beasts. I shiver and quiver, don’t make me your feast.

Camouflaged crocodiles, submerged hippos wade. River cruise breeze blowing gin lemonade. Woodland Kingfishers magnificent blues. Jittery zebras velvety monochrome hues. Mud wallowing beauty, in water’s reflection. Black Rhino, White Rhino, stay in protection.

crocodile at Singita

Mornings of stillness the first beam of light, Kaleidoscopic rainbow sherbet delight. Seven course feasts whenever you like. Coffee and tea beneath Amarula spike. Shelter of patterns the colors so bright, dream under star beds trees black as the night.

Singita Pamushana sunrise

Kind souls all around put a grin on my face. Polly Jojo, Mr. T, you’re the heart of this place. Voice in the clouds, oh! Please let me stay. This exraordinary reserve they call Malilangwe

Singita staff

A Personal Story

I first learned of the ultra luxurious Singita safari experience around the same time I started my luxury travel blog. I heard tales of bespoke safaris and unspoiled wilderness; of tangerine skies and majestic Baobab Trees. It captured my interest almost immediately, and after doing my own research it was apparent this would be a remarkable experience incomparable to anywhere else on Earth. Hence, the dream took form.

There was only one problem. Throughout my life, I’ve been haunted by nightmares of wild animals; specifically ferocious man-eating lions. I must admit this is a very irrational fear for a girl living in California. Maybe I heard about the Tsavo Man-Eaters at too young an age, but regardless, the fear was entirely real. And for reasons I couldn’t quite understand at the time, I began to crave the very encounter I swore I’d never take part in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in keeping the dust off the ‘ole monotonous routine (by doing things that scare me) but this… this was my fear of all fears!

As the years went by my lust for a true African safari made its way to the top of my wish list. But I didn’t want just any safari experience. I wanted the Singita experience and promised myself that I would not go to Africa until I was able to do it with Singita.

I’ve never told anyone this, but I set a personal goal when I started my blog (4 years ago). I told myself that if I ever got invited to cover a Singita property, I’d know I’d reached my goal in blogging. I had held Singita up on a pedestal as the travel dream of all travel dreams. (Still do!) But now my Singita dreams have taken on a different form; a nostalgia of beautiful memories that were even better than the dream. I can’t help but feel beyond lucky to have been the first travel blogger ever hosted at Singita Pamushana.

In one mind-blowing four-day period I simultaneously faced one of my biggest fears in life, while concurrently living out a four-year dream. Singita is the Shangaan word for “Place of Miracles” and after my recent visit, the name seems more than appropriate.

Singita Baobab Tree

I was hosted as a guest of Singita Pamushana but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always, my own.

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  • Vanessa Rivers

    Huge congrats on facing your fears and on being the FIRST travel blogger to be hosted at Singita! What an amazing accomplishment!

    • Misha

      Thanks Vanessa. I actually was not the first blogger to be hosted by Singita, but I was the first one to be hosted at their Zimbabwe property – and I’m ready to go back already! We should do a family trip there together someday.

  • Krishni

    Wow, Singita looks like a definitely must! I love how you captured all of it!!

    • Misha

      Thank you for reading it Krishni! It definitely should be on your list!

  • Lakshmi Myers

    Wow, incredible pictures! I can see why this was the travel dream of all travel dreams. The accommodations look wonderful, the safari looks wonderful, even the food looks wonderful. And i love your poem; I’m so glad you weren’t anybody’s main course! 🙂

    • Misha

      Bahaha me too! And thank you!

  • Vanessa Vincent

    Truly incredible and inspiring. I need to go back immediately! You paint a beautiful picture of something that comes close to indescribable. Everything about this place and this post makes me want to jump on a plane and head straight there. ❤❤❤

  • Anna Elbek

    Wow, just wow!! Thank you for giving me a great reason to go back to Africa. What an incredible experience you had and huge pat on the back for facing such a huge fear. This post really sucks you into the moment and feelings you had. Congrats on being the first blogger at Singita too.

  • Nila Hollingsworth

    These photos are incredible!!! You have such talent. I feel like I was there with you!! Thank you for sharing this life changing experience with us. I truly hope to visit one day ❤

  • Jason Turner

    Love it Misha! Hope to see you again.

  • Erin V

    This is so stunning! What a dream trip. I love the visceral experiences of being outdoors and somewhere new that challenges you. That’s my kind of travel…Beautifil photos too! I love the elephant ❤

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