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South African Wine Country

Staying in the Breathtaking South African Wine Country with La Residence

Hot off the press from La Residence, in the breathtaking South African wine country

Franschhoek Valley is known as the gourmet capital of South Africa. Nestled into the vineyards is the luxurious La Residence. This hotel is another jaw-dropping property of the Royal Portfolio. Recently, as you may recall, I experienced another Royal Portfolio property located in Krueger National Park. This cozy, peaceful and quiet oasis is known as the Royal Malewane. After staying in each of these properties, it’s no surprise that every room, location and stay is fabulously unique. Most deserving, La Residence definitely held up to its royal standards. And get ready – because staying in the breathtaking South African wine country is truly a lavish experience.

Here is my experience staying at La Residence in the breathtaking South African wine country:

The Hotel

Located in the majestic rolling hills of Franschhoek is the La Residence estate. Only 45 minutes from Cape Town, this location is perfect for an indulging getaway. Imagine, fine South African wines, gourmet meals, and views for days. Additionally, the design throughout the property is unique and harmonious. This design conjures the most elegant mix of traditional African design with old farmhouse glam- if you can only imagine such a thing! Surprisingly, all three of these styles are so unexpected. However, they are also an amazingly perfect blend. Venturing outside of the resort will be the last thing on your mind. Especially when you are surrounded by such elegant charm.

South African Vineyards
South African Wine Country

Outside your bedroom window, you won’t be able to stop staring at the scenic views hugging the estate. A few examples include rolling hills, rich vineyards and mountain backdrops. Almost every part of the property promises views, views, views! Also integrated into the luxe estate are multiple pools. This includes a massively refreshing infinity pool. Finally, this property offers one of the most unexpected surprises yet. Here, wild peacocks are roaming free. This is definitely something you don’t see every day!

South African Vineyards

The Rooms

Placed on a private 30-acre estate, each room is designed to feel as if it’s part of a royal home. Plus, adding to the originality, hand-picked furniture and color schemes are carefully selected throughout. One of my absolute favorite rooms was the bathroom. Immediately, once I walked through the bathroom doors, I noticed a claw foot bathtub fit for a queen. Next, looking up, is a massive chandelier hanging overhead. Finally, to seal the deal, large double doors opened up to reveal the dramatic landscape. Unfortunately, La Residence cannot promise any particular room selection. However, the beautiful and unique designs in each will instantly wash away any preferences you may have had.

South African Wine Country

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The Food

The South African Wine Country is also known for its culinary magicians. Overseeing the dining experience at La Residence is Chef Lennard Marais. His menu is bound to wow even the toughest food critique. Plus, the sweeping vineyards aren’t the only thing growing in this lush landscape. Grown right on the estate are fresh and local ingredients, which are incorporated into the daily menu. Including olive groves and gardens full of fruits and vegetables. Your meals are not just enjoyed, they are experienced. Immense flavors, wine pairings and elegant backdrops create a triple threat. One of the most outstanding experiences at La Residence was the meal service. Plus, not only were the food and wine pairings out of this world, they were tailored to my liking. I even received a personalized dinner menu with my name written on the cover!

The Wines

Wine tasting in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek was an experience unlike no other – basically Napa on steroids. Plus, there are so many different styles of tasting options organized through La Residence. Forget the typical bar to table tasting! Experience a tasting by horseback and trot through the vineyards. Or take another viewpoint and soar over the scenic landscape by helicopter. Each of these experiences are hand selected by La Residence. Plus, they are some of the most unique experiences across the entire region of South Africa.

Only 45 minutes away, spend some time to explore Cape Town and more of this breathtaking region!

These unique experiences, never-ending views, and handcrafted designs, all breed a feeling of serenity. It’s been settled, you’ll never want to leave this gorgeous estate. Especially after you’ve witnessed the blooming Jacaranda trees or seen the wild peacocks roaming free. Earning its spot, and then some, La Residence has secured its spot as part of the Royal Portfolio.

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of La Residence and Roar Africa, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always, my own.

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