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summer vacation in canada

Glacial lakes, snowy mountain peaks, golden prairies, colorful seaside villages, the list goes on and on. It’s amazing to think that all these incredible landscapes can be seen in a single summer vacation in Canada. This country provides an endless list of adventures to add to your summer itinerary. From the Pacific West Coast to the Eastern Atlantic, compiling a list of reasons why you should visit this beautiful country is endless. Yet, here are the top reasons why you should be planning you summer vacation right now!

summer vacation in canada
Here are 10 reasons why you MUST take a Summer Vacation in Canada:


Prairies, mountains and coastlands are strewn across the vast Canadian country. Each can vary drastically, in terms of weather. However, during the summer months it can be a consistent, balmy 70 to 90 degrees. With a landscape born for outdoor wildlife adventures, a summer vacation in Canada is exactly what you need.

summer vacation in canada


Canada is home to some of the most impressive scenes of falling water. These waterfalls alone can craft the perfect summer road trip. You can witness tumbling water dropping into deep canyons. Or, you could seek out those thin falls hanging over massive cliffs. While driving across Alberta, from Jasper to Banff, I was in awe at some incredible waterfalls cascading down the mountainside. If there is one thing this country has an abundance of, it’s falling water! After all, the Niagara Falls sits along its international border!

summer vacation in canada


A summer vacation in Canada means you can concoct the perfect mix of rustic wilderness with luxurious glamping. Rock Water Secret Cove Resort is what glamping dreams are made of. You can start the day by kayaking in the translucent turquoise waters, while minutes later you’re relaxing in your outdoor bathtub. In the evening enjoy the cool summer breeze, wrapped in a warm blanket while sipping on local wines. Luxury tents, treehouse spheres and yurts are just a handful of glamping offerings the Canadian summer months can provide.

summer vacation in canada


It’s no surprise that water is going to make this top ten list twice. The multiple shades of turquoise blues in these pictures don’t lie. This is what Canadians brag about. Head to Banff National Park and discover the 5 reasons to hate Lake Louise. More like 5 reasons to hate that you’re not there right now! From here, just head 8 miles south to a stunning, glacier-fed Lake Moraine. In Jasper National Park take a canoeing adventure in the numerous lakes where you can see straight through to the lake floor. These lakes are something you need to see to believe!

summer vacation in canada


What comes to mind when you think of wildlife in Canada? It’s no doubt that woodland creatures like moose, beavers and bears pop into your head. Yet, with three coastlines, one of the largest animals on earth lives just off the shore. This is the Blue Whale. Surprisingly, there are over 30 different whale species that call this country’s waters home. July and August are often peak seasons to watch these magnificent creatures swim and crash into the waves. Head off the coast of British Columbia to see the beautiful black and white Orcas between April and October. Or instead, head to Newfoundland to see one of the largest varieties of whale species. Including belugas, humpbacks and sometimes blue whales between May and September.

If you are looking to stay in the heart of the wild, stay at the ultra-exclusive Clayoquot Lodge. Luxury tents are displayed in prime locations for incredible wilderness viewings.

summer vacation in canada


No matter where you head on your summer vacation in Canada, you’ll want to pack your hiking shoes. The splendor of this country’s landscape is just waiting for you to uncover its secret waterfalls, woodland creatures and dip-worthy swimming holes. Stay in Jasper National Park, home to some magnificent trails that you can accomplish in a single afternoon. One of the most beautiful trails here is through the Cavell Meadows. Here, you’ll be surrounded by snow peaked mountains, lush green meadows and specks of colorful flowers. If you are seeking more hidden waterfall adventures, venture to Banff National Park and explore Johnston Canyon. Maybe a rugged nature hike isn’t your thing? How about a vineland journey through British Columbia’s Okanagan! This trail is also great for cycling in those beautiful summer months!

summer vacation in canada


Again, water seems to make another spot on our list. After all, this country has more than 120,000 miles of coastline. Here, you can spend a lifetime exploring Canada’s various islands and still crave more. I found a little piece of paradise in Shoal Bay on East Thurlow Island. Part of the discovery islands, this cabin in the woods is a utopian serenity. If you are looking for great lobster and tons of beaches head to Prince Edward Island. It combines the best of both a wilderness glamping experience and a beach-lovers haven. For a rustic island experience head on over to another island in British Columbia. Nanook Lodge on Stuart Island is a true wilderness adventure!

summer vacation in canada


Fresh seafood, local wineries, breweries, and other native delicacies make this destination a foodie dreamland. In Southeastern Quebec uncover the delicious Eastern Townships. Some unusual must-taste items are roasted lamb, oatmeal pancakes and the fine array of local cheeses! Stay along the Atlantic Coast and take a road trip to uncover hidden seaside villages. Make it a quest to find the best lobster roll on the planet! Or maybe a girls’ getaway to Naramata Bench Wine Country is on the palate itinerary. The summer months in Canada are sure to leave you heading home with a full stomach!

summer vacation in canada


Summer vacations are made for those sunny days driving across the jaw-dropping Canadian countryside. Take a once in a lifetime vacation along one of the world’s longest highways; The Trans-Canada Highway. Spanning six time zones and 5,000 miles, this is not a small feat. Just make sure you check the road conditions and construction prior to taking off. Highways can shut down for hours, leaving you and your fellow road-trippers at a standstill. Are you looking for a quick day-long road trip? It’s about a 9-hour drive from Vancouver to Jasper. This means you can get the best of both a seaside city and a mountainous wilderness in a single week.

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A summer vacation in Canada can be even more than turquoise blue waters, snow-capped peaks and floral covered meadows. I could live forever in a wilderness haven surrounded by this much beauty but once in a while a more urban destination can be fun! Get a taste of folk in the prairies or head east for some all-day jazz festivals. Here, you can find anything from a huge vibrant city celebration – like the Caribana Festival in Toronto – to traditional celebrations, like the Calvary Stampede. Especially this year surrounding a 150-year celebration of Canada!

summer vacation in canada

Are you looking for a place to stay during your summer vacation in Canada?

I’ve found some of the best luxury wilderness hideaways and breathtaking bedroom views of those turquoise waters.

Banff National Park: Look no further than Fairmont Banff Springs where the private lakeside dining is unbelievable! There is also a large scale luxury resort right off the shores of Lake Louise.

British Columbia: Head to the West Coast and uncover a wilderness adventure at Nanook Lodge or explore the island life at a Shoal Bay.

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