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The Sunrise House: An Architectural Bamboo Nature Villa in Bali

Hot off the press from the Sunrise House in Bali’s Green Village

Quietly tucked away on the edge of the Ayung River in Bali is the most awe-inspiring community of 5-star bamboo tree houses… or shall I say tree palaces? Green Village Bali offers an extraordinary jungle experience; this wouldn’t be your typical vacation by any means. The most common comment I’ve heard from people who have been to the Sunrise House is, “You have to see it to believe it,” and I definitely agree. This stunning architectural wonder combines the best of two worlds, bringing guests state of the art amenities in combination with an up-close and personal nature experience.

The Sunrise House features an open air design with ultra-high ceilings and the most spectacular views. It has 4 levels with a winding staircase in the center. There are 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen, lounge, office, tv bubble room (with built in seating and large screen tv), dining room and look-out point on the top floor. There is also a plunge pool and private garden just outside. The open air design allows for breezes to waft in and keep things cool. Should guests want privacy, the bedrooms are equipped with bamboo blinds.

Black and white bamboo are artistically combined in creative patterns for the flooring, railings, walls, ceilings, beams, stairs and roofing of the villas. The furnishings are also made of bamboo. Aside from the visual beauty of this sturdy building material, it is a very sustainable option for building. It only takes 3 years for a plant to mature, and the roots don’t have to be killed in the harvesting process.

Sunrise House is a part of Green Village, which is a community of private residences and rental properties supporting green sustainable living. The homes were designed by Ibuku, an international team of skilled artisans, architects, engineers, and designers. They create non-conventional homes, structures, and interiors crafted out of bamboo. The homes and pools are fed by natural spring waters and surrounded by organic vegetable gardens.

A 20 minute walk away from the homes is the Green School, a private school attended by both Balinese and international students from pre-school through high school. The campus generates half of its own power and grows most of its own food, and teaches all things holistic and sustainable.

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Guests can tour the entire Green Village, including the school, to see firsthand how the curriculum is focused on learning within a framework of nature and sustainable living. They can also tour the bamboo factory to see how the bamboo is treated, cut and made into furniture. The factory offers a 2 hour model-making workshop where participants can build a scaled structural model with expert design instruction. Workshops that teach guests the methods of constructing a bamboo building are also available. What I found interesting is their Coconut Treasures Workshop which teaches how to use coconuts for food, shelter, soap and furniture. A tour can be done through Kulkul Farm and guests can learn about organic farming. As for other adventures, Bali enthralls many a guest with its premiere surfing, rafting, hiking and cultural events. There is a driver available to deliver you to the Balinese adventure of your choice.

The Sunrise House has a full kitchen equipped with new appliances and abundant counter space, but there is also a small restaurant in Green Village that serves international and Balinese cuisine, which guests can have delivered right to their villa. I recommend the organic tempeh with local vegetables, herbs, and spices.

The Sunrise House is an exceptional choice for travelers who love Balinese culture and glamping adventures, have an interest in stunning architecture, want a peaceful communion with nature, or are interested in learning about sustainable living practices.

Suggestion: bring along some mosquito repellent so you’re protected while you explore the beautiful surroundings. The home is equipped with mosquito nets and fans. I used both and did not get eaten alive like one might fear.

Dress from Vici Collection.
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