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The Great Wall of China

Often compared to a huge dragon winding up through the mountains, the Great Wall of China was built by hand and is the largest man made structure in the world. The wall was built in ancient times to protect the northern border of the Chinese Empire. Our private guide, Bruce, said that many people do not know this, but the wall is one gigantic tomb. Over 1 million people worked on building the wall and many died in the process due to the heat, dehydration, and exhaustion and then were then buried right there under the wall. There is so much history and so many stories he told us about the wall. I am so blessed to be able to have experienced one of the Seven Wonders of the World, first hand.

We decided to wake up early and see the wall before the crowds of tourists arrived. I definitely recommend doing this. There is something about a massive crowd of tourists that can turn something very special into something very grueling and frustrating. So we left our resort in Beijing at 7:30am and made it to the wall by 9. A word of advice; at the base of the wall are a bunch of little trinket stands where the people harass you if you show any interest on the things they are trying to sell. I suggest walking past them all and not showing any interest in anything, or they will follow you nagging you to buy something.

Once you get to the starting point you have to purchase tickets for the chair lift to get up to where the wall is. To get down, you can choose to either take the chair lift, or toboggan down the fun way! They have a massive slide built down the side of the mountain, and you sit on a rolling platform and slide your way back to the bottom. Woohoooo!!!!! Once we got to the top, I was in awe at the massive structure that goes on and on as far as the eye can see. There are thousands of very steep stairs leading to various brick formations which you can go inside of and enjoy the view through arched shaped windows in the brick. The experience was priceless and fulfilled a long time bucket list dream of mine.

After seeing the wall, we headed over to a nearby restaurant, called Schoolhouse, which had a really interesting concept and great western food. It is on old schoolhouse turned restaurant, with each classroom transformed into a separate dining area. The chalkboards are still on the walls, and kids artwork and school projects covered the surfaces. The menus were drawings done by students. The entire theme was implemented so well. It was a great way to end our Great Wall excursion.

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