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Irresistible Yacht

The Irresistible Yacht Life in the Virgin Islands

Hot off the press from Inspirato’s new Irresistible Yacht
A Personal Experience

The spray of the Caribbean ocean blew kisses at my feet as they dangled over the top deck of Inspirato’s new Irresistible Yacht, a luxurious state-of-the-art 80 foot vessel. We had just embarked on a bespoke tropical adventure through the glistening waters of the US and British Virgin Islands. My imagination had already begun to play an exhilarating reel about what may lie in store for us over the next seven days. As it turns out, my desirous reverie was not far off from how the dreamy reality played out.

Seven days of pure enjoyment flawlessly drifted by like clouds in the January skies above us. We moved nomadically yet effortlessly from place to place without having to do any of the ever-so-dreaded packing & unpacking. Being on a crewed yacht allowed us to never lift a finger, bringing our entire home (away from home) with us wherever we went. I immediately realized what a true indulgence this was; to not only be housed by this yacht in this island paradise, but to also be graciously tended to around the clock by our accommodating crew. (Special thanks to Captain Bob, Sharon, and Matt)

It was invariably easy like Sunday morning…every morning. With my uncontrollable wind-blown and salty sea hair, I’d sleepily stumble out of bed in my pajamas and make my way up to the top deck where a wonderful cloak of mist hovered close to the water and rays from the rising sun warmed my skin. Lush islands summoned me from every direction and the only noise to be heard was the soft lapping of the water against the swaying boat. An impeccably set table and a display of fresh fruits, pastries, coffee, and tea was set out for my husband Tom, pregnant sister Nila, brother-in-law Ben, and myself – whilst we waited for the kids to climb out of bed. Daily breakfast was prepared to order for all six of us by the talented and adorable chef, Sharon.


Rejuvenating swims, Roars of laughter, and music perpetually superseded the morning stillness and brought on the excitement of another day, another island, and the endless adventures that beckoned. We discovered one heavenly beach after the next – and not the kind that are overrun by tourists – but the secluded ones you see in postcards and screensavers, only accessible by boat. Action-packed days passed all too quickly with exploratory paddleboard and kayak rides, snorkeling, inner tubing, and various water sports. In fact, we even created our own new type of water activity: the pinky-pizza-floatie-party, where we tethered the large pink flamingo and pizza floaties to the back of the yacht; drink in one hand, holding on with the other. Giddyup!

New horizons brought palettes of pastels that sprinkled the coastlines of tiny islands; their colorful thatched-roof beach shacks springing out from a bed of hammock-laden coco palms. Time moves at its own pace here, inevitably setting the very casual and laid-back ambiance of the Virgin Islands. As days passed me by I observed my feet bare for the majority of the time, and when I was wearing shoes, it was nothing more than rubber flip-flops. No need to put on a fashion show in these parts. High heels would be senseless and fancy clothes a waste of time.

Hours were spent basking in the pristine waters of White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, having painkillers at the famous Soggy Dollar Bar, and exploring the picturesque little village at Great Harbor. We witnessed some of nature’s most beautiful phenomena as we trudged through The Baths at Virgin Gorda and wandered through the winding paths along Peter Island. With an occasional bolt from the blue, a surprise torrential downpour would catch us out of nowhere and several times we found ourselves sobbing with laughter as we huddled together under the quasi protection of a Calabash Tree, helplessly unable to avoid getting drenched by the rain and pelted by the strong wind.


Balmy Caribbean nights brought about memorable dining experiences both onshore and offshore. New Years Eve at Peter Island boasted an oceanfront international buffet like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Massive tables lined an enormous space, each filled with an array of foods from different countries around the world. Whole black and white truffles topped my Italian risotto and entire rooms were dedicated to decadent desserts. Dom Perignon flowed in faster than the waves rolling on the beach and all the families danced the night away to live music. Midnight struck, the fireworks blasted, and 2016 came crashing in with an energetic blaze of glory.

The following night on Virgin Gorda we reveled in the unique ambiance of Coco Maya; a posh restaurant on a sandy beach with a spectacular fire dancing show, tiki torches, sofas, and fire pits.

Brazenly star-studded nights made dinners on the yacht a real treat. Moroccan, Indian, and Thai feasts were served up by Chef Sharon; every meal fresh, delicious, and healthy, with heartier options for the guys. Matt, one of the crew members, kept us feeling like royalty with his unmatched level of service. Whatever we wanted, he was there to make it happen.

A quintessential wanderluster to my very core, I usually find myself conjuring up my next big rendezvous while I’m still experiencing the current one. However, on this jaunt no notions of distant climes stirred greater excitement than the very adventure right in front of me. I found myself present in the moment and quite contrary to my usual stream of thoughts, all I could wallow in was how I would shelter and warehouse this current trip forever in my memories.

Together for a week, we relished in uninhibited pure enjoyment; fun for all ages alike; with the final result yielding an enriching family bonding experience that will be held as an invaluable paragon for years to come.

Our Irresistible Yacht Itinerary 

Day Location Activities
Day 1 Tortola, Norman Island Sunset swimming & painkillers on the beach at Pirate’s Bight.
Day 2 Peter Island  Hiking, swimming, New Years Eve celebration
Day 3  Virgin Gorda, YCCS Yacht Club  Beach at Bitter End Yacht Club, Pool at YCCS
Day 4 Virgin Gorda  Water sports, explore The Baths
Day 5 Scrub Island  Helicopter tour, movie & game night onboard
Day 6 Jost Van Dyke, St. John  Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay, Great Harbor
Day 7 St. John  Paddle Board, swim, kayak, beach


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A Quick Review

The Irresistible Yacht:

Pros: The Irresistible yacht itself was spacious, with 3 guest staterooms, 5 restrooms, a large living room, crew quarters, indoor dining area, full kitchen, front sundeck, back outdoor dining area, two upper deck dining nooks, a bar, and a hot tub. It was the perfect amount of space for 6 guests. I was surprised and delighted by how much storage was available in each bedroom. Plenty of drawers, cabinets, and closet space for as much as you want to bring. (Although all you really need is a swimsuit and a pair of sandals.) I was also a big fan of the separate commodes in the master bedroom. The boat is new and very clean. The air conditioning works very well and the bedrooms even have dehumidifiers in them so everything isn’t damp from the humidity. The TVs in every room worked out great for unwinding after the day’s activities. The yacht was stocked with tons of towels, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, games, movies, and basically anything we could need or want. Inspirato always does a great job at that.

Cons: I should start by saying that when you are on a trip like this, there really are no real cons, but if I had to suggest a few things to be done differently, here is what I’d change. We love to have music playing no matter where we are, and we discovered that there were no speakers for music on the front sundeck. Since that is a place we often found ourselves, we’d like to see speakers there. (we brought our own Bose system so it worked out fine for us). I also found it odd that were no cup holders in any of the outdoor spaces, as all other boats I have been on have had them, and it makes things interesting if you want to set your drink down on a rocking boat. Lastly, I kept finding myself wanting to lie down and relax on the top deck, but there was nowhere to lie other than in the dining nooks. I think this could be fixed by getting a hot tub cover that has a cushion on it, this way that space can be used when the hot tub is not in use.

The Crew: 

The hardworking crew worked all hours of the day to provide us with the best experience possible. Sharon, our chef cooked up delicious yet healthy meals and even graciously dealt with all of our different eating tastes and preferences. Fresh smoothies every morning, breakfast cooked to order, lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, and heartier foods for the guys. Dinners were creative featuring Moroccan, Indian, and Thai food. Afternoon snacks consisted of cheese plates, fresh pita bread and dips, gourmet nachos, and various finger foods.

Matt, the very kind Australian crew member, was always just far enough to give us plenty of privacy, but close enough to get us whatever we wanted whenever we needed it. Thirsty? Need a towel? Need something from a different room? Matt had us covered. Not to mention that every time we left an area of the boat, Matt made sure it was spotlessly clean upon our return. He had even perfected the art of folding laundry in a way that left no creases. (Not that a crease or wrinkle would’ve mattered to us in the casual vibe of the Virgin Islands) The level of service he provided was on point.

Bob, our captain, also went above and beyond for us, accommodating whatever we requested.  We had other guests visiting the islands at the same time as us (my other sister Krishni, her husband James, and their kids Miela and Gigi). Bob went way out of his way to tender them back and forth, bringing them on board during the days so we could enjoy meals together and cruise around. The level of service provided by Bob, Sharon, and Matt made us feel like pampered royalty.

  • Matthew Latsha

    Sounds like a vacation your family will cherish for years. We had our own yacht living in the San Juan Islands, so I understand the points you made about the yacht. I had never heard of Inspirato, so I will have to do some research. Talk about a family with “Movie Star” good looks!!! If I had girls that look like yours, I’d ship em off to a Convent, lol. I’m sure your hubby will have his hands full when they’re older. Begin to pray for their future spouses now, that they too are being raised in the Lord. God Bless You and Your family Misha, In His Love, Matthew

    January 12, 2016
  • Love the video and the photos are fantastic! I can’t wait to rent a yacht from Inspirato!!!

    January 12, 2016
  • Anna Elbek

    So amazing! I wanna go. Love the video!!!!

    January 12, 2016
  • Jessica

    how can a nobody like me break into the world of travel blogging? Or can i just be your personal assistant lol

    January 21, 2016
  • We just joined Inspirato. It’s a great organization and are excited to utilize it again soon. We are scheduled for Los Cabos, Hawaii, Anguilla, and Bali. I’d love to hear more about your experiences on the Yacht. (we have been looking into it).

    February 27, 2016

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