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Iceland’s Blue Lagoon: A mineral-rich and milky blue geothermal bath tub. The warm water comes from way beneath the earth’s surface and stays at a constant 98.6 degrees year round.

1. First things first: The Blue Lagoon has a cocktail bar in the middle of the water. Say whaaaa? Yes, a cocktail bar. Who’d a thunk it?

2. Everyone pays a fee to swim. Everyone must rinse off in the showers at the facility before entering the lagoon. Entrance fee info here.

3. The lagoon can get crowded. Best way to avoid the crowds? For a hefty 300 euros, they offer an exclusive lounge which can be booked out in 3 hour time slots. It is complete with a private indoor lagoon entrance, personal shower suite, robe, slippers, food and beverage service, Blue Lagoon spa products, private restrooms, a private rooftop deck, and your own personal butler service. The best part? You don’t have to wait in any lines and your butler can bring you some bubbly and eats from the Blue Lagoon’s LAVA Restaurant- room service style. Just imagine, after slipping on your robes you can sit in front of your private fireplace and enjoy a buttery bottle of white, like we did, just before getting into the warm lagoon water. Trust me when I say that this is the way to go. Above all, it is a tranquil and spa-like experience, unlike the general admission situation. Be sure to book the exclusive lounge far in advance through their online service, because there are only six exclusive rooms available; and each one has a limit of 2 people. Don’t miss out.


4. I was rather disappointed when our guide told us that the Blue Lagoon was actually “an ecological disaster” created by a geothermal power plant experiment gone wrong. The warm water actually does come from a natural source underground, but this beautiful place would have been a whole lot cooler if it were put here by mother nature and not by some nearby Power Plant creating it to dump overspill water after it had been used to generate heat and electricity. I guess they had no idea it was going to pool up and look so darn majestic! Now, every month thousands of people pay to bathe in it. A very lucrative mistake if you ask me.

5. Be prepared to start loving the smell of rotten eggs, AKA sulphur. The natural hot water in all of Iceland has this smell, but it is very strong at the lagoon. You do get used to it after a little while.


6. Either do not submerge your hair into the water or leave conditioner in it while you swim. The water may be great for your skin but it will turn your hair into straw.

7. The white silica mud at the bottom of the pool makes for a great facial and actually does make the skin look and feel better.

8. The Blue Lagoon is located about 40 minutes driving distance from Iceland’s main town, Reykjavik. It is in a town called Grindavik on the Southwest coast. We hired a car and I believe it cost around $65 for the round trip transfer.

9. The lagoon features a sauna and steam bath carved out of a lava cave and a massaging waterfall. There is a big restaurant on the property LAVA Restaurant, as well as a spa shop and rooftop deck.
















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