Cake By The Ocean

During my recent travels, I experienced a very special day. One that will stay with me forever. I chose to use this beautiful day as my visual journal inspiration, because it was (and still is) a time when I felt completely full, completely contented, and just so grateful to have such carefree moments shared with my loved ones. Memories like this are savored near and dear to my heart, so that I can pull strength from them in times of doubt. I have everything I’ll ever need in life, and this memory is a great reminder of that.

Watchoo Gonna Do Wit Dat Dessert? 

So here is some background info behind my visual journal ensemble. My little sister, Nila, and her husband, Ben, are expecting. They decided to wait until we were all on the yacht together in the British Virgin Islands to let us know the gender of their baby. The idea was that we would cut into either a pink or blue cake, which would obviously tell us whether we’d soon be welcoming a boy or girl into the family. This was a really big deal, because in our family we don’t have boys. Our mother has three girls, I have two girls, and our older sister, Krishni, has two girls. No boys to speak of. Well folks….. IT’S A BOY!!!!!!

Some Candid Snippets From That Day…

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  • Vanessa Vincent

    Awww this is Amazing! Congrats Nila and Ben!!

    • Misha

      Thanks Vanessa!

  • Anna Elbek

    Aww this is super cute! Love the blue cake ?

    • Misha

      Thank you Anna! =)

  • Ben Hollingsworh

    Thank Misha for having us on this trip of a lifetime. This is a beautiful memory and one we will never forget.

  • Erin VH

    Congrats Nila and Ben!!!

  • Darbi Gillingham

    So happy for all of you! How exciting to have a little guy coming into the fold of so many ladies!Congratulations to Ben and Nila.

  • Vanessa Rivers

    Aaaah I love this!!!!!!!!

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