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Bring on the Heat: Best West Coast Weekend Getaways to Kick Off Summer

Hot off the press from the best West Coast weekend getaways
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It is time to begin planning summer jaunts and weekend getaways. Summer is one of my favorite seasons to explore hidden gems close to home. These West Coast weekend getaways are perfect when you only have a few days to steal! The West Coast is dotted with poolside retreats and numerous wine country road trips. Use these hidden hideaways and city retreats to plan your perfect west coast weekend getaways this summer!

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Here are my top picks for the ultimate West Coast weekend getaways:

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1. Washington State’s Countryside  | Cave B Estate Winery and Resort

Nothing screams summer more than brilliant pops of color. Not to mention those luscious, fruity scents floating on a warm summer breeze. The Cave B Estate Winery and Resort in Washington State is one of the best West Coast weekend getaways. It’s perfect for the aspiring sommelier looking to sample wines in the Quincy Tasting Room. Cave B’s vineyard produces a wide range of varietals. Each are beautifully paired with creative dishes in the Tendrils Restaurant.

This vino experience is enhanced by some of the most luxurious choices for accommodations. Ranging from a secluded, cliff-side house to cavern rooms carved from the basalt rock. You can even stay in a traditional desert Yurt. Each is so unique you will need several occasions to try them all! Explore a few of these colorful snapshots I captured here.

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The resort’s uneven topography and proximity to the Columbia River allows you to be as active as you’d like! Fancy a little activity before lunch? Grab a map, your partner (If you don’t have one, solo-adventures are fun too!) and set off on a self-guided hike. Discover waterfalls, panoramic views, and migratory birds. Then, cool off in the cliff-side pool as you overlook the gorge.

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2. City Beats | Seattle Four Seasons

If your idea of a weekend getaway entails more modern chic surroundings, consider the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle. Although beautiful year-round, the view from the resort’s infinity pool is best enjoyed in these warm, summer conditions. Just imagine relaxing in the cool water, sipping a refreshing beverage, and taking in the beauty of Elliot Bay.

Due to its central, downtown location, the hotel is an ideal base for exploring the trendy shops, cafes and city sights. One moment you find yourself walking through the swanky hotel lobby and next, you’re in the middle of the bustling Pike’s Fish Market. Make sure you spend some time here people watching while commuters buzz around looking for the day’s fresh catch.

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Numerous leisurely activities can easily be coordinated by the hotel concierge. Have a sweet tooth? Consider Theo’s Chocolate Tour. Maybe you are looking to add some unique items to your summer wardrobe collection? Try a personal shopper to help you navigate the elite boutiques in the area. The Four Seasons Hotel offers one of the most upscale and chic experiences. Making it the perfect addition to the list of best West Coast weekend getaways.

Seattle’s accessibility adds to the many reasons why it is a top pick for a West Coast weekend getaway.  Daily direct flights from many U.S. cities will drop you at the Sea-Tac airport. Get ready for a fun-filled weekend of city luxury and adventure.

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3. Waterfall Wonderland | Portland

Summer is an excellent time to explore Portland. While known for its craft brews and Hipsters, there is so much more than meets the eye. Out of the bustling city, Oregon is home to many lush forests and cascading waterfalls. In fact, Columbia Rive Gorge boasts more than 90 waterfalls. A major perk for all you city-goers, is that many of these falls can easily be reached by a quick drive from Portland. Rent a convertible and head out for a self-guided excursion to visit any number of these amazing natural wonders. You could also create your own custom tour allowing yourself to be catered to in style.

For a unique spin on vintage luxury, stay at the Kimpton Hotel Vintage. This hotel is located in Portland’s financial district. One of the hotel’s most unique features is that each floor is themed according to different Willamette Valley AVAs (American Viticultural Area). Each room represents an individual winery! Most importantly, your stay comes complete with a curated bottle of vino and wild, luxe pieces of art. The décor, coupled with wine, will excite and surprise your senses.

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Add a bit of educational history to your weekend getaway. Spend a few hours and explore the stoic beauty of the Pittock Mansion. Built in 1914, this was once the home of an influential Oregon family. Now this beautiful mansion is a museum open to the public. Perfectly manicured lawns carve out the perfect spot for an afternoon stroll. Later you can pass the evening at one of the many concerts hosted throughout the summer.

Seize the summer with these West Coast weekend getaways!

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4. Luxury Wineland Cottage | Santa Barbara

Let’s head south! There is a reason everyone wants to be a California girl, and Santa Barbara might be it! Known as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara offers the best of a mountainous terrain paired with the glistening Pacific waters. Its landscape is dotted with bold white structures topped with clay-tiled roofs. These rich details are constantly reminding its visitors of its Spanish heritage. Santa Barbara is where gorgeous wine country meets the sparkling shore. And the views are guaranteed to please.

When seeking accommodations, the San Ysidro Ranch is a hidden gem. Projecting glorious shocks of pink, purple, and red, are the artfully designed gardens. These colors craft a beautiful contrast against the white walls, stone and wood structures. This secluded ranch-style hotel sits atop the Montecito hills. It’s also in close proximity to both hiking trails and beaches. Vibrant splashes of color are displayed by the hotel’s foliage. Making it is no surprise one of my favorite beaches is coined Butterfly Beach. You will relish relaxing on the beach’s shores while the gentle waves lap at the sand.

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If you have savory cravings on the mind, the Santa Barbara culinary scene is sure to please! The popular Farm to Table concept pairs fresh, local ingredients with craft brews or area wines.  If you prefer a hands-on approach to dining, consider taking a cooking class and discover your inner Julia Child!

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5. Desert Dream | Amangiri, Utah

Never ceasing to amaze me is the tranquility that the desert can provide. The serene calm of the landscape sets me at ease. Capture that incredible feeling on a weekend getaway to Amanigiri. This luxurious resort rests in the desert of Canyon Point, Utah. Instantly setting the mood for your stay is the stunning architectural design. It’s a peaceful haven with clean lines and soothing desert colors.

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Here, set on the gorgeous desert backdrop, you won’t worry about being bored! This Aman property offers endless activities to infuse your getaway with excitement! Watch the sun rise while floating across the desert in a hot air balloon. For my equine enthusiasts, feel like you’re in a Western as you ride horses across the sand. Still looking for more desert activities? Imagine you’re a Paleontologist as you unearth fossils from the Tibbet Spring Bone Bed Quarry. Amangiri brings your heart’s desire to life!

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6. California Ranch Hideaway | Big Sur

Up the California coast, you will find The Post Ranch Inn. At the moment, the Inn is only accessible by helicopter. Perched into the California Mountains, this destination has some spectacular panoramas! It’s also an architectural treat. It is constructed in angular points with luxurious planes of glass and wood.

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Surprisingly, the Inn’s private rooms are set 1200 feet above the Pacific. Each of these guest rooms offers a vast variety of hotel ambiance. For example, if you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can choose to stay in a luxury tree house. Maybe sleeping in the trees isn’t your thing. Instead book a romantic Pacific Suite overlooking the ocean. If your getaway includes friends or a large family retreat, there are private housing options also available. The inn can also help you craft inclusive options for your perfect weekend itinerary. Departing from Monterrey, get your weekend getaway started with a luxurious helicopter charter. You’ll even be showered with champagne upon arrival.

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Summer is the perfect season to plan your West Coast weekend getaways. Plus, there is no better way to kick off the season than with these luxurious escapes. These destinations offer plenty of fun in the sun for every type of vacationer. Sometimes the best weekends away are those closest to home!

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Misha Gillingham is the owner and operator of Wildluxe. Fascinated by luxury hotels and all of the details that go into creating that perfect guest experience, Misha focuses her creative efforts on showcasing only the most exclusive properties in the world. Follow along and discover the travel destinations you've been dreaming of.