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I woke up feeling groggy and exhausted. I had been on-the-go nonstop for weeks.
The jetlag had me on my ninth sleepless night.

I had been rushing here and then there to try and pack it all in and photograph as much as I possibly could. In a million years, I never thought I’d write what I’m about to write, but the excitement of exploring new cities had lost me somewhere and the thought of leaving my dark and cozy hotel room (at Hotel Hassler Roma) made me feel ill.

Hassler Roma

Traveling can be quite hectic, especially when you have an aggressive agenda like I always do. Making time for some peace and quiet goes highly underrated. But I knew that I’d later regret it if I wasted an entire day in Rome like a vampire inside of my cave so I splashed some water on my face, threw a dress on, and made my way up to the terrace- where I’d heard of this great view (which usually also means a crowd).


The view did not disappoint, and to my astonishment I found myself standing on the deck completely alone. Where was everyone and why was it so quiet?

Surrounded by nothing but miles of Roman cityscape, I got to have this dreamy Italian terrace all to myself.


It was anything but the overwhelming and chaotic cityscape that you see in most large cities. This place was peaceful, charming, colorful- and downright marvelous! I could’ve slapped myself for thinking, even for a second, that maybe I should have stayed in bed all day. I quickly diffused that black cloud that had been following me around and decided to take myself on a fabulous date.


I had my hotel (Hotel Hassler Roma) set a table for me and then I ordered room service for one on the terrace. Being that I was so rundown and had no willpower left, I gave in to ordering my absolute favorite thing in the whole world. PIZZA! As you can guess, the pizza in Rome is no ordinary pizza. It’s a true and authentic pizza pie!



I’m big fan of adding fresh greens to everything I eat. Topping a pizza with arugula gives it a really fresh taste and a palatable peppery kick. Not to mention it adds nutritional value.



In the hour that I sat there admiring the view, with no one around to bother me or make noise, I felt like I was able to hit the reset button and could now take on the day. What’s the moral of the story?

A little quiet time goes a long way and sometimes it’s best to hit pause and just enjoy some time spent alone, with no cell phones, no computers, and no WiFi.

  • Felipe Pitta

    Heading to Rome next month.
    A pity I found out about your blog and this place only now… but next time will definitely check this hotel.

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