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best winter yacht vacation destinations

Winter 2018 Hottest Yacht Vacation Destinations

Hot off the press from the best winter yacht vacation destinations

Imagine waves crashing all around you, white sand beaches lined with palm trees and exotic songbirds singing in the wind. Plan to dream bigger than you ever have before. Cure those winter blues into the crashing turquoise waves surrounding your dream yacht vacation. Luxury yachts can be booked through Superyacht Sales and Charter.

Here are 8 must-visit yacht vacation destinations for the hottest winter yet:

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Thailand’s luscious green jungles, limestone cliffs, hidden coves and bustling city bargains an itinerary for everyone on a yacht vacation. Not many destinations can offer both peace and tranquility during the day, while still indulging in Thailand’s sensational nightlife. Phuket has become an increasingly popular destination for yacht charters. However, this island is the perfect starting point to explore the dozens of secluded islands living in Phang-Nga Bay. With many of these islands uninhabited, there are plenty of opportunities to break away from the popular tourist spots. For some of the finest diving in the world visit Mu Koh Similan. Here you can swim through the most dramatic underwater seascapes. Thailand will not disappoint, after all, it’s know as the “Land of Smiles”.

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Off the coast of Queensland, just 30 miles from the famous Great Barrier Reef, are 74 Whitsunday islands. These islands provide months of gliding along the turquoise waters between anchorages. Once you are ready to jump in, Blue Pearl and Butterfly Bay, are the perfect spots to snorkel. Providing an experience just as magical as the Great Barrier Reef. Next, explore some land by chartering to Bauer Bay. Walk to the top and awe at some of the best views of the islands. If you decide to book your trip before September, you may just spy some migrating whales! Although touristy, the gleaming white sand at Whitehaven Beach is considered one of the best beaches on the planet. The typically calm and shallow waters make for the perfect picnic spot.

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The breathtaking scenery at Raja Ampat Islands are unlike any other yacht vacation destination. With white sand beaches contrasting against turquoise blue waters, prepare to find yourself gawking at the backdrop for days. These islands arguably offer some of the most diverse marine life, holding 75% of the world’s hard coral species. Diving is a must with over 1,300 species of exotic fish, bull sharks, dolphins and tiny pygmy sea horses. Outside of the water, are four main islands to discover and over 1,500 smaller islands. These, sometimes mushroom shaped islands, are a favorite for “birding”. Watch flocks of colorful parrots or possibly steal a glimpse of a courtship dance by the red bird of paradise.

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One thing these yacht vacations do not lack, is an abundance of diving treasures. With fur seals, marine iguanas and manta rays the Galapagos islands are another seascape paradise. For the best chance at sighting the elusive Galapagos sharks, travel to Kicker Rock, an eroded cone of an extinct volcano. Keeping with the animal theme, make a pit stop at Bartholomew Island and say hello to some native penguins. Finally, walk the trail at Cormorant Point until you spot the vibrant pink flamingo colonies. If you plan to charter a private yacht, make sure you arrange your visit in advance. Up to 40 miles of ocean surrounding the Galapagos is considered a World Heritage Site. With conservation and protection in mind, strict policies and procedures are in place.

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Situated just four degrees south of the equator, the Seychelles weather steals the perfect setting for a dream yacht vacation. Chartering between the 41 inner islands are easy, making it an island hoppers paradise. Mahé, the largest inner island, is home to the capital city. Another inner island to add to the itinerary is Curieuse. Known as the red island, this Marine National Park holds glorious red sand beaches. Although you won’t find any hotels or restaurants on this island, you can find over 500 tortoises. This island is also home to the indigenous coconut del mer. Named the “double coconut”, this tree holds three world records for the largest seed, flower and fruit. If you venture to the outer islands, be sure to explore the 73 blissful islands of Amirantes. Fishing in the Seychelles Islands is another popular pastime with an abundance of record-size marlin and tuna.

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The Maldives islands are another diving utopia. For one of the most unique diving experiences, visit Fotteyo. Soft corals, small swim-through caves and dramatic drop offs makes this dive a breathtaking experience. Guraidhoo Kandu, is a marine protected area where sharks, eagle rays and colossal napoleons tend to make an appearance. With scores of uncharted sandbanks, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the unique lifestyles of the Maldive Islanders. If you are looking to venture into these islands or public beaches, make sure you dress and pack appropriately. The Maldives is a Muslim country and appropriate clothing is necessary.

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A less popular tourist destination, Myanmar is starting to attract some attention from the outside world. And located in the remote south region are the Mergui Archipelago; a group of 800 deserted islands waiting for anchorage. Here you can sail for days without seeing a soul. The peace and tranquility is unlike any other yacht vacation destination. However, you may come across the traditional inhabitants of the Archipelago, sometimes referred to as “sea-gypsies”. Their lifestyle is dominated by fishing and diving for sea cucumber. There is an abundance of activities offered across all the Myanmar islands. Kayak through sweeping mangroves, dive over the dramatic shelf drop at Burma Banks or walk the untouched beaches. You will leave the yacht with a feeling of pure bliss and tranquility.

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The coastlines of the Caribbean are our last, but definitely not least, yacht vacation destination. The Caribbean is home to a multitude of tropical islands from the Bahamas down to Barbados. It’s possible to spend a lifetime exploring each island’s unique culture, cuisine and landscape. The Virgin Islands offer everything you could want in the middle of the Caribbean. See more about this irresistible yacht experience with Inspirato. With an endless array of experiences above and beneath the turquoise water, this is one destination you will crave time and time again.

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